‘1899’, the new creature from the creators of ‘Dark’



He did not invent anything, but the mystery served ‘Dark’ to become a phenomenon. Three seasons, time travel and a plot that fostered intrigue rather than clarity, narrative trappings rather than linearity, were enough for the first German original series for Netflix to gain a foothold in the crowded world of streaming, to transcend the local and become something of universal interest. Curiosity moves the world.

In an attempt to repeat the play, the platform bets everything on one to the creators of ‘Dark’, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odarbehind now ‘1899’, the new Netflix series that premieres today. It is a fiction of eight chapters, shot in different languages, in which the protagonists, a group of immigrants, travel from Europe to America not chasing a dream, but fleeing from their nightmares.

The worst, however, will come when the coal ship they are on board comes across, on the high seas, with the Prometheus, a ship that had disappeared months before. There will be no way to escape what they fear.

Terror on board

The ingredients of the ‘1899’ series, again, are known. A ship, in this case full of immigrants, complex characters and an adventure story, sometimes twisted, with hints of terror. He does not try to invent the wheel but to make it keep turning, for which he adds Dario Madrona as a screenwriter, after the great Spanish success of Netflix in Spain, ‘Elite’.

Also to one of the protagonists of its first seasons, the actor Miguel Bernardeuand a formula that, well known, is reminiscent of other series that, in addition to a good audience, also received good reviews, such as ‘The Terror’, supernatural fiction with which, saving the distance, ‘1899’ is similar beyond the ship .

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‘1899’, the new creature from the creators of ‘Dark’