13 streaming fantasy series to ease anxiety ahead of ‘the Witcher’ premiere

The premiere of the second season of ‘The Witcher’ it’s right there, just around the corner. But if you think that this week ahead of you is going to be a long one, You can resort to the abundant offer of fantasies of all kinds that our streaming platforms offer us. Some more in the Geralt de Rivia style, others less, but all of great quality and perfect for pecking before the return of the White Wolf.

‘The Witcher’ T1

Of course, you can retrieve lthe first season of ‘The Witcher’ itself, which has a different tone and rhythm than its second batch of episodes, from what we have already seen. A labyrinthine and time-skipping plot that drew criticism from many fans should not be an obstacle to enjoying a series that was born as a response to ‘Game of Thrones’ but that quickly found its own identity.

‘The wheel of time’

The latest hit within the Amazon Prime Video genre is this adaptation of the endless literary saga of Robert Jordan, more focused than ‘The Witcher’ to the young public. The plot begins when four young people come into contact with a stranger who claims that one of them will confirm an ancient prophecy that will end the balance of forces between Light and Darkness. Classic fantasy for a spectacular and very digestive series.


Another of the indisputable surprises of the year, and this one an extraordinary quality. Although its approach to fantasy is more urban than ‘The Witcher’, there are few bets as safe as this if you are interested in the genre. The wonderful animation of the French Fortiche has guaranteed a distinctive style and a frenetic pace which has launched it to the most viewed on Netflix in a very short time.

‘Game of Thrones’

The mother of the lamb of current fantasy series. His success not only generated an interest from all platforms in creating productions in his slipstream, if possible with a successful literary base, but rather gave the genre a prestigious bath, making the fantasy worthy of the genre. mainstream again. Its echo is followed and will continue to be perceived (there are not only the official prequels, but the new series of ‘The Lord of the Rings’), and the fact that it was produced by HBO allows us to access it to review it as much as we want.

‘The Mandalorian’

Obviously, the setting is very different between a pure fantasy with elves and dragons and that of a science fiction franchise, but the similarities are even greater. To get started, the main character, an antihero with a scarred past, connects both with a third generic vertex: the western. To follow, the setting of the ‘Star Wars’ series on desert planets and low-tech environments brings the mandalorian character closer to a dark adventurer than a galactic hero. And finally, the episodic structure of both series sometimes leads them to a spirit similar to that of classic serials.

‘Carnival Row’

A series that in 2019 went somewhat unnoticed, but still received enough attention for Amazon to renew it for a second season that is yet to come. The biggest influence here is possibly in Neil Gaiman’s fantasy worlds, but it intersects with ‘The Witcher’ in the idea of ​​a world where humans and fantasy creatures coexist, sheltered after a terrible war that has decimated their races. However, he finds his own personality in a slightly police plot.


Although the series has been canceled for not meeting expectations after its first season, This is a youth fantasy series that in times of drought can fix a few silly hours. It is a new version of the Arthurian legends but with a female protagonist, here nothing less than the mythical Lady of the Lake that Excalibur guards before her legitimate bearer, who travels with her in search of Merlin, knows that he is destined to wield her.


Obviously, it is not a fantasy series, but it is portrays an era Y a town that we have very mythologized, where history is confused with fiction. And it is clear that if ‘The Witcher’ attracts you by violence, tough characters and incessant battles, ‘Vikings’ is going to interest you. The story of the farmer-turned-Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok will soon have an exclusive continuation on Netflix with ‘Vikings – Valhalla’

‘The Shannara Chronicles’

Canceled after two great seasons, this series it went somewhat unnoticed despite its stupendous mix of fantasy wars and apocalyptic environments. Here an elf princess, a human, and a half elf face an army of demons to save Earth after our species has been decimated. Romance, youthful adventure and a great aesthetic for a series that deserved more attention.

‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’

Spectacular series produced by Netflix conceived to take advantage of the nostalgic pull of ‘Stranger Things,’ but which thanks to the good work of Jim Henson’s heirs, it becomes one of the most stimulating series in the entire catalog of the platform. It is a prequel to what we saw in the 1982 film, a thousand years before those events. An impressive mix of exquisite CGI and traditional puppets that creates a dark fantasy masterpiece.


Although it took a couple of seasons to find an identity of its own, this Netflix original series has ended up proposing a series of delusional characters that fit in perfectly with the hodgepodge of gaming influences: The misfortunes of the Belmont clan, Dracula’s half-vampire son, the king of vampires himself … an unprejudiced mix of horror, violence and adventure that is among the most original and shameless on Netflix.

‘Dark matter’

The premiere of the third season of the ambitious and luxurious HBO Max series based on the Philip Pullman book trilogy will close this great fantasy series with a child protagonist but much broader ambitions. Sorcery, parallel worlds, familiar demons that take the form of animals and a wizarding school with secrets darker than Hogwarts, in a series with a sensational cast and a splendid visual finish.


We close the selection with a series that does not have much in common with the universe of ‘The Witcher’, but that is the last fantasy piece proposed by Netflix before the return of Geralt de Rivia. This little Danish series starts off as a perverse version of the bug movies of the eighties, ‘Gremlins’ style, but soon reorients itself towards horror and dark fantasy, with a family in permanent crisis that has to deal with a strange closed community herself and that she holds a few heinous secrets.

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13 streaming fantasy series to ease anxiety ahead of ‘the Witcher’ premiere