✨ Soy Tu Fan: watch the movie teaser and know the details

he’s finally here teaser of the movie of I’m your fan! This is the first look at the production that will be released very soon and although no further details have been revealed yet, here we tell you what is known so far about this sequel that promises to make us feel nostalgic.

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What we know about the Soy Tu Fan movie, check out the official teaser!

The wait was long, but in 2021, when it was announced that I’m your fan would be back with a movie, revived the hopes of fans who were eager to know the outcome of the tangled relationship between Charly Peanuts and Nico.

First glance

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At the beginning of 2021 the actress and protagonist of this story, Ana Claudia Talancon shared several publications where she and the original cast of the series were seen during the filming of this new movie. The recordings ended that same year and the recent reveal of the teaser indicates that the premiere is breathing down our necks. Check out the first preview!

“I bring you a super EXCLUSIVE from Cinépolis: #SoyTuFan #LaPelícula is coming! We’ll finally find out what happened to Charlie and Nico. Very soon they will know the date! exclusively revealed the bill from Cinépolis Twitter.

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What do we know about Soy tu Fan?

The little that is known about this film is that behind the script is Dolores Fonz. Her presence in the project gives us good indications, since she – along with Constanza Novick – is the creator of this popular series that stole our hearts 12 years ago.

In the teaser we also see most of the characters that made this an unforgettable series. Ana Claudia Talancon (Charly), Martin Altomaro (Nicola), Mayan Zapata (Dew), Gonzalo Garcia (Diego), Johana Murillo (Fer), John Paul Medina (Inaki), Marcela Guirado (Ana), edward flower (Vanessa), Camila Selser (Nini) and veronica langer (Martha). What’s more, even Dolores Fonzi herself appears in this preview, which is a kind of “carpool karaoke” and reminds us of the emblematic scene “What are you doing, Charly?”.

Unlike the first two seasons, this project will not be taken over by Cananea, but Average BTF; a national production company responsible for projects such as Selena’s Secret, Dads on request Y until i met youthe Juan Gabriel series.

There will be a movie of Soy tu fan! Here all that is known

What will the movie be about?

There is no synopsis yet and it is not known exactly what the premise will be, but we can already guess that this film will seek to give an official closure to the relationship between Nico and Charly.

The last we saw of them was the hot air balloon ride, but it was unclear if this couple would continue their relationship. After 12 years, the best narrative decision would be to take a leap in time to find out what is happening in the lives of all these characters today. What do you think of this sequel?

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✨ Soy Tu Fan: watch the movie teaser and know the details