Survivor Mexico 2022: Yusef and Cuchao FIGHT live at Venga la Alegría (VIDEO)

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while the last four survivors fight to reach the finalhe of Survivor Mexico 2022, outside of it the former participants have begun to take out all the dirty laundry in the sun and in a live interview on Venga la Alegría, Yusef and Cuchao told each other everything they had been keeping about each other, … Read more

Friend, notice: Kenta reminds Viridiana of the love triangle she lived with Yusef and Cathe in Survivor Mexico (VIDEO)

As the grand finale draws near “Survivor Mexico”, many of the current contestants are not afraid to make shocking revelations in front of thousands of viewers, because at this point in the competition everything has become personal between the contestants. One of the most talked about scandals of this season was the romance that arose … Read more

Survivor Mexico 2022: Yusef EXPLODES against his tribe and Javier Ceriani confronts him | VIDEO

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Survivor Mexico He returned to the TV Azteca programming to surprise all the fans of the reality show, however the constant fights have led many of the viewers to be somewhat concerned about the physical and emotional safety of some of their favorite participants of the season. . Yusef Farah is annoyed with the Falcons … Read more