Sebastián Lelio: “Florence Pugh gives you the feeling that she has already done everything despite her youth”

Sebastian Lelio Florence Pugh gives you the feeling that she

He does not like to be defined as a director of women’s stories, but Few authors have spoken so much and so well about women in the last decade as the Chilean Sebastián Lelio. The Oscar winner by a fantastic woman opens today in Netflix his first film for a streaming platform. The Prodigy is … Read more

‘Hidden Youth’ Turns 35: When Joel Schumacher Made Vampires Sexy Again

Hidden Youth Turns 35 When Joel Schumacher Made Vampires

The ’80s were good for vampire movies. They came from being cornered by the new terror trends of the 70s, where the old Central European count with a starched coat and old-fashioned customs was unable to face the new cinema that took over screens around the world. Between the expressionist realism of The Exorcist of … Read more

Youth Symphony Orchestra in Miami dedicates play to family

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

November 06, 2022 – 16:11 The Greater Miami Youth Symphony will premiere “The Ocean Lives There” on April 15 as part of the Arsht Center’s “Family Fest” series. MIAMI.- The Adrienne Arsht Center and the orchestra Greater Miami Youth Symphony (GMYS) announce the creation of their first composition musical dedicated to family, a celebration of … Read more

“Not everyone thinks like this”: Daniel Radcliffe defends JK Rowling’s trans youth

Not everyone thinks like this Daniel Radcliffe defends JK Rowlings

JK Rowling is still in the eye of the storm for her clear stance against the transgender community. Now it was Daniel Radcliffe’s turn to reaffirm his support for young people against the writer behind Harry Potter. In June 2020, JK Rowling, the British writer behind the successful Harry Potter saga, published a series of … Read more

The youth comedy created by Mindy Kaling that will return very soon with more episodes

The youth comedy created by Mindy Kaling that will return

The second season of youth fiction will arrive on November 17. (HBOMax) hbo max will release new episodes of The sex life of college girls (The Sex Lives of College Girls)the successful youth series devised by Mindy Kalling (office) and Justin Noble. Less than a month after the launch of the new season, the platform … Read more

‘Not one more’: Netflix announces a new youth series with Nicole Wallace and Clara Galle

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

The rate of production in Netflix it’s so frenetic that it’s quite easy to get lost between premieres and announcements of new projects. That is why we try to facilitate the task of all the subscribers of the platform and we tell you every news that the streaming provider shares about its upcoming series and … Read more

“Revancha ya”: the Netflix youth drama that abandons the clichés of the adolescent genre

Revancha ya the Netflix youth drama that abandons the cliches

After a brief clandestine altercation, Drea (the alpha girl who used to be popular) and Eleanor (the new, alternative, beta girl) team up to get revenge on those who torment them. (Netflix) Camila Mendez Y maya hawke check in revenge now (Do Revenge) They have an enviable chemistry in front of the cameras. Directed by … Read more

After: the protagonist of the successful youth saga confirms good news for fans

The romantic movies they are a magic formula to achieve good numbers at the box office. As long as there are people who are in love, have been, or want to experience it, theaters will continue to sell tickets. And like any gripping love story, there also has to be some tension. Whether of an … Read more

The youth film that recently debuted on Netflix and is already the most watched

The youth film that recently debuted on Netflix and is

The Norwegian film portrays teenage love, fears and new beginnings. It premiered on August 17. (Netflix) A week ago, it was released Royalteen: The Heir in Netflix and it already leads the most viewed of non-English speaking films with 11.9 million hours viewed. Based on the homonymous novel written by Anne Gunn Halvorsen Y Randi … Read more