Condado en Nueva York amenaza con multas de miles de dólares a hoteles que reciban inmigrantes

Condado en Nueva York amenaza con multas de miles de

NUEVA YORK.- Ante el amago de enviar unos 340 inmigrantes al Condado, las autoridades de Rockland, en Nueva York emitieron una declaratoria de emergencia y advirtieron a los hoteles que de acogerlos les impondrían multas de hasta $ 2,000 por persona. Según el ejecutivo del Condado, Edwin Day, serían casi $70,000 diarios que piensan recaudar. … Read more

‘Mel Brooks’: the extraordinary adventures of a New York comedian

Mel Brooks the extraordinary adventures of a New York comedian

To know the character of any human group, it is worth observing and understanding their sense of humor. The attempt to adjust to foreign comedy can be sterile or, on the contrary, open the doors to a surprising communion. If we are capable of laughing at the same things, it is almost certain that, despite … Read more

Filmmaker Paul Haggis, Oscar winner for ‘Crash’, was convicted of rape in New York

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Canadian filmmaker Paul HaggisOscar winner for the film CrashHe was sentenced for rape in New York after a civil trial, in which a jury found him responsible for three sex crimes against his accuser. Paul Haggis will have to pay compensation of 7.5 million dollars to haleigh breesta publicist that accuses him of having raped … Read more

Churches that turn into nightclubs and concerts: this is the latest trend in New York

Churches that turn into nightclubs and concerts this is the

The city of New York is full of temples of all the creeds of the earth, but many of them are empty and others have ended up destined for the most diverse uses: museums, theaters, gyms or pizzerias today occupy the naves of the old desecrated churches , and also from some synagogue. If New … Read more

Movie Premieres: In Lilo, Lilo, a Singing Crocodile on the Loose in New York

Movie Premieres In Lilo Lilo a Singing Crocodile on the

Lilo, lilo, crocodile, premiere Thursday the 27th Lilo, Lilo, crocodile (Lyle, Lyle, CrocodileUnited States/2022). Address: Josh Gordon and Will Speck. Script: Will Davies, based on the books by Bernard Waber. Photography: Javier Aguirresarobe. Music: Matthew Margeson, with original songs composed by Benji Pasek and Justin Paul. Edition: Richard Pearson. Cast: Javier Bardem, Constance Wu, Scoot … Read more