Ugly Betty: the impressive physical transformation of Aura María 22 years after the premiere

Ugly Betty the impressive physical transformation of Aura Maria 22

More than 20 years have passed since the premiere of the popular telenovela “Ugly Betty”, the one that was a great success not only in its country of origin -Colombia-, but that went around all of Latin America attracting fans and followers of the “barracks” and Ecomoda. It even came to have its own adaptations … Read more

“Sabrina, the teenage witch”, after 27 years, the cast meets and fans are saddened: “Time does not forgive”

Sabrina the teenage witch after 27 years the cast meets

Melissa Joan Hart starred “Sabrina, the teenage witch” in 1996. Now, 27 years later, the remembered actress has published a video on TikTok in which he shines along with several of his former co-stars. Specifically, she is seen alongside Beth Broderick (Aunt Zelda Spellman), Caroline Rhea (Aunt Hilda Spellman), Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) and Jenna … Read more

20 years of Daredevil: Première did not hate the film with Ben Affleck when it was released

20 years of Daredevil Premiere did not hate the film

Our review published in March 2003 pointed out the faults, but also the few qualities of this unloved superhero film. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the American release of DaredevilMark Steven Johnson’s blockbuster starring Ben AffleckJennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan and Jon Favreau, the director took on his unloved film … Read more

70 years of Isabelle Huppert

70 years of Isabelle Huppert

Sea 16 2023 13:24 By Daniel Andrés Ruiz Sierra (@TatoRuiz) 20 years ago in an interview with The country, Isabelle Huppert (Paris, 1953) He said that behind his works, almost always of rude and extreme women, was the search for a truth. Today, after 50 years working on around 150 performances (in film and TV), … Read more

Drummer Jim Gordon, co-author of the rock classic ‘Layla’ and in prison for 40 years, dies

Drummer Jim Gordon co author of the rock classic Layla and

Few songs so classic as layla, and few lives as lurid as that of one of its two authors (the other is Eric Clapton), Jim Gordon. The Californian drummer has died at the age of 77 in a center to treat mental problems for inmates in Vacaville, California. Gordon had been in prison since 1983, … Read more

“Ted Lasso” is one of the best series in recent years: what critics say about the final season

Ted Lasso is one of the best series in recent

Jason Sudeikis stars as a minor football coach who is hired to coach a professional football team in England despite having no experience. The highly anticipated third season of ted lasso offers a new look at the protagonist’s stories. The series starring jason sudeikis It will arrive on Apple TV + on March 15 and … Read more

Heath Ledger: the actor who surprised many by his performance as the Joker, turns 15 years old

Heath Ledger the actor who surprised many by his performance

Do you remember the performance of the Joker that stole the breath of many? We tell you more about the actor Heath Ledger. After 15 years of being on everyone’s lips due to his unfortunate death at the age of 28 and after his participation in the Batman movie The Dark Knight, Australian actor Heath … Read more

Audrey Hepburn: 30 years after the death of the ugly duckling that conquered Hollywood

1674215172 Audrey Hepburn 30 years after the death of the ugly

>THE NATION>shows>Characters January 20, 202306:00 Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of the strangest of the movie stars of what we now call “classic Hollywood.” “Today we call” because, strictly speaking, the fifties are already those of the most modern cinema, closest in terms of form and themes to the one that continues … Read more

The ‘Banda 24 de Mayo’ celebrates 80 years of popular music with a renewed ‘Macarena’ | Music | Entertainment

The Banda 24 de Mayo celebrates 80 years of popular

The Band May 24 is an Ecuadorian musical group dedicated to popular music. This set was born in 1943 when Juan Punguil Castro decided to follow in the footsteps of the masters Wallshis mentors in music, who taught him the rhythms and lyrics that the anniversary band currently sings on national and international stages. Luis … Read more

50 years ago today: Only one musician from the historic band that sang the National Anthem in 1903 survives

50 years ago today Only one musician from the historic

Although with enormous difficulty due to his age, José Córdoba was the only survivor who sang the National Anthem with his clarinet, 50 years ago. Original text published by La Nación on January 18, 1973 The history of the Costa Rican National Anthem is long, but the only man who can tell it with full … Read more