Singer R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking

NEW YORK – Breakout R&B star R. Kelly was sentenced to more than a quarter century in prison after being sentenced Wednesday in a federal sex trafficking case in New York. R. Kelly was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison in New York for the federal sex trafficking case. VICTIMS OF KELLY THIRST FOR … Read more

Musician R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual abuse of minors

By Tom Hays and Bobby Caina Calvin – Associated Press A federal judge in New York on Wednesday sentenced musician R. Kelly to 30 years in prison for taking advantage of his fame to systematically abuse young women and minors. The victims of the 55-year-old R&B music star listened expectantly to the sentence in the … Read more

Goodbye TV Azteca: Drowned in tears, Rubí confesses that she would like to leave ‘The Academy 20 years’

Written in FAMOUS the 6/28/2022 1:27 p.m. Mexico City.- Rubí Ibarrathe most famous quinceañera in Mexico, broke down crying a few hours ago during the concert review of The Academy 20 years and confessed before the cameras of Aztec TV that she no longer feels comfortable in the reality show and that she would have … Read more

Why do the movies include a notice that any resemblance to reality is “purely coincidental”? The lawsuit that changed cinema forever almost 90 years ago

There are countless films that include a notice during the credit titles clarifying that “the characters and events portrayed in this film are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons (dead or alive) or actual events is entirely coincidental.“. Have you ever wondered why it is? Today we bring you the answer, and for this … Read more

After an affair with her boss on Televisa and 10 years retired, TV Azteca actress ‘comes out of the closet’

Mexico City.- A controversial actress and vedette, who began her career in Televisa and had a intense romance with her boss on television, he returns to the company to tell several truths and confesses on another program if he had a affair with another woman. Is about Niurka Marcoscall ‘The Scandal Woman‘, who has worked … Read more

Aaron Taylor-Johnson renews vows with the director of ‘Fifty Shades’, 24 years older than him

In a world of sporadic relationships, lasting love must be claimed. Thus, this Wednesday the actor Aaron Taylor Johnson He announced on his Instagram that he had vows renewed with his wife after 10 years happy married. The celebration comes a few days after the actor who played Pietro Maximoff in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ … Read more

52 years since Queen’s first time on stage, tonight at RockFM Motel

It was at the Truro City Hall in Cornwall and they have just formed as a band, so much so that the place was reserved in the name of Smilethe previous band, before it broke Freddie Mercury in the lives of Brian May, Roger Taylor and the bass player Mike Grose. That day the spark … Read more

Chayanne returns 4 years later with his new song ‘I love you and period’

38 years of career that is said well and soon. That’s what you treasure Chayanne in the music industry as one of the greatest representatives of the Latin scene so far in four different decades and very soon in five (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s). Because the artist has confirmed his return 4 years … Read more

Gilberto Gil declassified: his 80 years, the Google mega-archive and a docureality with his family, culminating in a concert tour

Gilberto Gil turns 80 this Sunday and, perhaps, due to the projection that his career and music have had, a summary can be found, so many kilometers from his native Salvador de Bahía, in the last performance he offered in Argentina. In the pre-pandemic of 2019, Gil arrived in Buenos Aires with only his guitar … Read more

Blow to TV Azteca: After 8 years withdrawn by religion, beloved actress returns to Televisa soap operas

Mexico City.- a famous protagonist of televisionwho has not made soap operas for 8 years after leave Mexico for focus on your family and religion, return to the melodramas. Is about Karyme Lozanowho was confirmed as one of the mature protagonists of the telenovela My secretsoon to be released and produced by Carlos Moreno for … Read more