The highest rated fantasy Amazon series is not The Rings of Power and it has a new season this year, when does The Wheel of Time return?

The highest rated fantasy Amazon series is not The Rings

The rings of power may have taken all the media focus, but before the premiere of the most expensive series in history from Amazon Prime Video we had the opportunity to enjoy another great fantasy show, this one better received. We are talking about the wheel of timewhich has just dated its second season. The … Read more

System of a Down offers its first concert in more than a year: setlist and videos of a stellar comeback –

System of a Down offers its first concert in more

May 14, 2023 12:28 pm Posted by Writing – That system of a Down it was one of the most popular bands in nu metal, we recently confirmed it when they surpassed a billion listeners on Spotify with their anthem “Chop Suey!”. Taking this data into account, the expectation was maximum before the first concert … Read more

Shakira: the powerful reasons for ‘Billboard’ to choose the Colombian as the Woman of the Year

Shakira the powerful reasons for Billboard to choose the Colombian

The writer Sigal Ratner-Arias did not spare praise to describe the musical career and the exceptional professional moment that the Colombian artist Shakira is experiencing. In the magazine bill boardconsidered the bible of the music industry, the journalist was in charge of writing the article Shakira, Woman of the Year: nna powerhouse and the definition … Read more

How Much Money Jennifer Aniston Still Makes Per Year From Friends Royalties

How Much Money Jennifer Aniston Still Makes Per Year From

It is clear that Jennifer Aniston She is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Her popularity grew from her stint on the acclaimed sitcom friendssince then giving his great leap to fame and positioning himself in a place from which he has not come down for decades. To talk about the success of … Read more

Catherine Deneuve: 1993, the year of the coronation of an icon of French cinema – Gala

Catherine Deneuve 1993 the year of the coronation of an

In 1993, she passed from the status of great actress to that (never refuted since) ofcinema icon French. 30 years ago, when Gala appeared in newsstands, Catherine Deneuve was awarded the Cesar for Best Actressfor her role as Éliane Devries, heiress of a colonial plantation in the 1930s, in Indochina. Régis Wargnier’s film has a … Read more

Oscar 2023: the award-winning films this year that can be seen in streaming

Oscar 2023 the award winning films this year that can

► YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: The Netflix series that has only 8 episodes and everyone is talking about it Winning Movies Streamable on Netflix No news at the front. It won the Oscar for best international film (award to which Argentina aspired in 1985) photography, soundtrack and best production design. Quiet front, netflix, oscar awards.jpg … Read more

Jared Leto voted worst actor of the year for his role in Morbius | Geek Lands

Jared Leto voted worst actor of the year for his

The universe of Spider Verse from home sony is a compendium of failures and filth of all kinds. Initially, marvel studios wanted to implement Sinister Six on behalf of the MCU. By showing the official introduction of the Scorpio (Michael Mando) in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecomingthe will was there: Build a group of … Read more

Rebelde returns: What happened to the members of RBD, the band that returns to the stage this year?

Rebelde returns What happened to the members of RBD the

At the beginning of the 2000s, a musical and television phenomenon crossed Latin America: the Mexican band RBD. Integrated by anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, Christopher von Uckerman, Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Herrera Y Sweet Mariathe grouping was a derivative product of the series “Rebel“, the version that Televisa made of the Argentine original “Rebelde Way”. With … Read more

Who is older between Amparo Grisales and María Cecilia Botero: the difference is one year

Who is older between Amparo Grisales and Maria Cecilia Botero

The age of Amparo Grisales It has been confirmed on several occasions and once they even published their ID to reveal the truth. She, with so many jokes that they make about it, He has even started making jokes about it. María Cecilia Botero obtained the great recognition her career deserves by participating in ‘Enchantment’, … Read more

Karol G, Becky G, Ozuna and Carín León light up the great concerts at the beginning of the year

1674046744 Karol G Becky G Ozuna and Carin Leon light up

Although some events in the city were canceled last week due to the havoc that was recorded by the heavy rains, this weekend the musical presentations start in Los Angeles, Ontario, Anaheim and its surroundings. Here is a list of musical and family shows that will be taking place in our area. The list will … Read more