“A friend forged my signature”: Keanu Reeves played the worst role of his career forced by fear of being sued

A friend forged my signature Keanu Reeves played the worst

Good old Keanu was tricked into starring in a movie he didn’t like and had to keep quiet for a year. Even the starliest star in Hollywood has suffered some ups and downs in his career, but the story behind the film that Keanu Reeves himself describes as by far the worst of his entire … Read more

Jared Leto voted worst actor of the year for his role in Morbius | Geek Lands

Jared Leto voted worst actor of the year for his

The universe of Spider Verse from home sony is a compendium of failures and filth of all kinds. Initially, marvel studios wanted to implement Sinister Six on behalf of the MCU. By showing the official introduction of the Scorpio (Michael Mando) in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecomingthe will was there: Build a group of … Read more

The Pledge: Mickey Rourke was at his worst when he shot the film

For one scene, Mickey Rourke delivers a poignant performance opposite Jack Nicholson in “The Pledge”. When he shoots Sean Penn’s thriller, the actor is at the bottom of the hole… The Pledge : a shocking investigation Six years after leading him in Crossing Guard, Sean Penn offers a powerful new role to Jack Nicholson in … Read more

The director of ‘La La Land’ arrives with the bastard daughter of ‘Singing in the Rain’ dressed to the top of farlopa: the best and worst of movie premieres

The director of La La Land arrives with the bastard

The brand new and recently inaugurated 2023, fully immersed in the awards season, continues to offer us in its first weeks of life some of the best films that we will be able to put in our mouths during the next 12 months, and this January 20 was not going to be less. In addition … Read more

The 10 best John Krasinski movies ordered from worst to best according to IMDb and where to see them online

The 10 best John Krasinski movies ordered from worst to

John Burke Krasinski was born in Newton (Massachusetts, USA) on October 20, 1979. American writer, director and actor. He is known for his role as jim halpert in the series The office of the nbc. In 2018, she also in another series of Amazon Prime VideoInterpreting Jack Ryan. We compiled his 10 best movies ordered … Read more

Eduardo Casanova returns to bathe the billboard in pink and various fluids: the best and worst of movie premieres

Eduardo Casanova returns to bathe the billboard in pink and

I don’t know if you have noticed, but it almost gave me something when I realized that we have practically completed a couple of weeks of the newly released 2023. If you are like me, this fact may cause you some existential uneasiness. , and to keep it at bay I propose a good dose … Read more

‘The reincarnation of the devil’: The worst movie in history will premiere at Cinemex and Cinépolis

The reincarnation of the devil The worst movie in history

Not even Uwe Boll had gotten absolute zero reviews. ‘The reincarnation of the devil’ already broke a lamentable record The unthinkable has happened! Not yet released The reincarnation of the devilby director Timo Vuorensola, and you have the worst reviews in film history. Friends, what sad news. After coming off an incredible streak of horror … Read more

Mauro Szeta revealed the worst of his work on Telefe: “It liquidates me”

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Mauro Szeta revealed the armor that has to be put on every day to talk about atrocities that occur in different parts of the country. The police columnist revealed how his profession affects him. “You have to have a hard skin, because you are telling very dramatic, very moving, sometimes horrendous stories. You have a … Read more