Why you won’t see Rachel Weisz work with husband Daniel Craig again

Why you wont see Rachel Weisz work with husband Daniel

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig have worked on several projects in the past, but the actress says fans shouldn’t expect to see the married couple on screen together anytime soon. Weisz explains why she wants to work separately from Craig Weisz dated Darren Aronofsky from 2001 to 2010, with the couple announcing in 2005 that … Read more

Laura Dern on Getting Red States to Join Climate Change Fight: Calling MAGA ‘Dumb’ Won’t ‘Persuade People’

Laura Dern on Getting Red States to Join Climate Change

Laura Dern was honored at the 2023 Environmental Media Association Awards Gala presented by Toyota on Saturday night at Sunset Las Palmas Studios. The event was originally scheduled to take place in 2023 but was postponed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Receiving the EMA Ongoing Commitment Award, Dern was recognized for activism accomplishments, including her … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown won’t have future father-in-law Jon Bon Jovi singing at her wedding

1695506684 Millie Bobby Brown wont have future father in law Jon Bon Jovi

While appearing on today, Millie Bobby Brown revealed why her father in law to be will not be performing at her wedding to Jake Bon Jovi on being asked if John Bon Jovi will perform at the celebrations. Brown said, I feel like that’s asking me to go and do *** full on play for … Read more

You won’t believe what Paz Vega, actress of ‘Spanglish’, looks like today

You wont believe what Paz Vega actress of Spanglish looks

The 2000s had just begun and the film industry, little by little, was accepting different actors and actresses from Spanish-speaking countries in its films. Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, from Mexico and Spain respectively, are examples of this. From a young age, the artists bet everything to make a career in Hollywood and, despite the … Read more

Netflix: it stars Denzel Washington and it’s a movie that won’t let you move from your chair

1673961856 Netflix it stars Denzel Washington and its a movie that.webp

This production starring the renowned American actor lasts just over 90 minutes and breaks it on the streaming platform. Netflix has endless movies that break it every year and are a success of reproductions, as is the case with Armed and Dangerous. The feature film, which stars Denzel Washington, … Read more

2022’s ‘Star Academy’ Probably Won’t Bring Beyoncé Back, Here’s Why

2022s Star Academy Probably Wont Bring Beyonce Back Heres Why

YouTube screenshot Star Academy, Beyonce TELEVISION – No, it’s (still) not tonight that you will see again Mariah Carey on the set of star Academy. This Saturday, October 29, students will take the stage with Véronique Sanson, Keen’V, Gims, Zaz and the rock group Hyphen Hyphen. As for the only international star of the evening, … Read more

The Russo Brothers Won’t Be Making Another Marvel Movie For A Long Time

1667816671 The Russo Brothers Wont Be Making Another Marvel Movie For

Anthony and Joe Russo took over the ‘Avengers’ franchise after two very well received movies starring Captain America, ending a decade of stories with ‘Avengers: Endgame’getting one of highest grossing movies in history and giving us Thanos, one of best marvel villainsin all its glory. The brothers walked away Marvel Studios ever since, focusing on … Read more

‘Black Adam’: an entertaining antihero pastime that can’t (or won’t) go any further

Welcome home Dwayne Johnson confirms the return of Henry Cavill

We live in times when movies have to be a masterpiece or a hideous poison. You have to declare yourself very quickly in one place or another on the scale: did you love her or do you repudiate her with all your heart? In an age of extreme social media, absurd polarization seems the only … Read more