Geena Davis: the actress who put more women on screen in the first place

1664318870 Geena Davis the actress who put more women on screen

Geena Davis had it all between the 80s and 90s. Iconic movies, roles that elevated her to the top of Hollywood, and awards that gave her a status that many long for in the industry. Davis after the millennium left the big roles and took on lesser challenges, although not in lesser quality, considering that … Read more

Penélope Cruz teaches which is the most flattering neckline for women over 45

Spanish actress, Penelope Cruzknows how to stay forever young so today we show you a look with neckline spectacular. In 2006 Penelope Cruz She was the first Spanish actress to be nominated for the Oscar Awards and the Golden Globes in the category of best leading actress, for her role in the Spanish film “Volver”, … Read more

Kate del Castillo leads a group of armed women in the new series ‘Armas de mujer’

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Kate of the Castle returns with a new series hbo max, women’s weapons, portrays a group of women who must resort to violence to survive in a world of thugs and drug dealers. Also read: Kate del Castillo returns to Mexico to work In addition to Del Castillo (Ángela), the eight-episode series stars Roselyn Sánchez … Read more

Pedro Almodóvar leaves the project ‘Manual for cleaning women’, which will continue with Cate Blanchett

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Ten days after finishing the shooting of the medium-length film strange way of life, the western in English co-starring Ethan Hawke and Peter Pascal Pedro Almodóvar has decided to get off of Manual for cleaning women, the adaptation of several of the 43 stories that make up the homonymous volume of Lucia Berlin, a project … Read more

Lali Esposito’s revelation about her sexuality: “I did not accept that I liked women”

Lali Espositos revelation about her sexuality I did not accept scaled

Lali Espósito spoke about her sexual discovery through her music (Nobody Says Nothing. Luzu TV) with his tour Discipline Lali Esposito carries his songs and his artistic proposal on the stages of the country. Each concert is a display of adrenaline and pop melodies that accompany their fans wherever they perform. And with the passing … Read more

Reggae Can Festival organizes the meeting ‘Women of the Canarian music industry’

Poster for ‘Women of the Canarian music industry’ © EEMM 0.0001473 The eighth edition of the Reggae Can Festival, the most international of all, hosts this Tuesday, September 6, at 11:30 a.m.a meeting for women in the Canarian music industry. Aimed at artists, cultural managers, producers, journalists and technicians, among others, this meeting … Read more

Two women, one pregnancy: this is the Spanish film that has Netflix viewers talking

Two women one pregnancy this is the Spanish film that

“The boss”: an engaging thriller that comes from Spain to Netflix. (Netflix) Spain and Netflix they form an almost perfect combo and complement each other harmonically. Iberian fiction finds a very good reception among the Latin American audience and The boss is no exception. It is a thriller that deals with the story of two … Read more

In the mind of an impostor: the disorder that women like Michelle Obama, Natalie Portman, and now Sofia Petro have defeated

In the mind of an impostor the disorder that women

Nobody believed that Michelle Obama’s life was torture until at Christmas 2013 she shook the world with a confession: “I still suffer from impostor syndrome”, referring to that kind of demon that made him believe that his triumphs were a fraudsoon to be discovered in the immediate professional challenge that he undertook. Although many Colombians … Read more