Mr Wolff 2: Ben Affleck will come back to break everything in accountant-autistic-assassin

Mr Wolff 2 Ben Affleck will come back to break

Ben Affleck set to return to play accountant-autistic-murderer in Mr Wolff 2 according to Gavin O’Connor. Attention, spoilers ! Released in 2016, Mr Wolff starred Ben Affleck as an autistic accountant, trained by his former military father to become a cold and murderous machine to overcome his handicap, and become a killer with an unknown … Read more

Alex Wolff assures that The Devil’s Legacy left him psychological havoc with which he still lives | Tomatazos

Alex Wolff assures that The Devils Legacy left him psychological

Despite the fact that the horror genre is one of the most acclaimed by the audience worldwide, in reality there are few productions that are satisfactory. Most of them have sinned with the unjustified use of sound effects, lighting and a myriad of clich├ęs that little by little are generating less fear due to how … Read more

Actor Alex Wolff was traumatized by ‘Hereditary’: he hasn’t made a horror movie again

1627711953 Actor Alex Wolff was traumatized by Hereditary he hasnt made

PalmStar Media Horror movies are very loved by the audience. However, sometimes, its realization can take a heavy toll on its protagonists and production team. For example, it is not a secret that dar vida a Regan MacNeil en The Exorcist it was a traumatic experience for Linda Blair. This actress is joined by many … Read more