Joyce Carol Oates, Billy Wilder, Bert Stern… Five works to go beyond the Marilyn Monroe myth

Joyce Carol Oates Billy Wilder Bert Stern… Five works to

Photo of Marilyn Monroe taken by André de Dienes at Tobay Beach, Long Island, in 1949. VINTAGE EVERYDAY THE MORNING LIST Died August 4, 1962 at the age of 36 in Los Angeles, Marilyn Monroe forever embodies the glamor of the 1950s and 1960s. On the occasion of the sixty years of her death, “La … Read more

The Idol is the new HBO Max series from The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, and it looks even wilder than Euphoria

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

There haven’t been many details about the idolthe new HBO series starring and co-created by The Weeknd and the brain behind euphoria, Sam Levinson, since its initial green light last fall. But that changed on Saturday when the Weeknd introduced a 90-second teaser during a break from their performance at Met Life Stadium (New York), … Read more

Billy Wilder and me: Christoph Waltz will play the main role of the film about the Hollywood director | CineChronicle

Billy Wilder and me Christoph Waltz will play the main

Christoph Waltz Christoph Waltz will play the role of the American filmmaker in the adaptation of the book Billy Wilder and me written by Jonathan Coe. The film will be directed by Stephen Frears and Christopher Hampton. Billy Wilder and me – novel During the summer of 1977, a young woman travels the world and … Read more

The Boys S3 review: Prime Video’s hit starts wilder than ever

The Boys S3 review Prime Videos hit starts wilder than

All platforms have a great success in your cataloga flagship series, the one that gets subscribers to go crazy for its new episodes, living with special enthusiasm the premiere of a new season. Netflix have stranger things, HBO has a Game of Thrones Y Amazon Prime Video have TheBoys. The Amazon Studios production became the … Read more

Billy Wilder. El rey de la comedia que murió sin ser reconocido y que sufrió desaires en Hollywood

Billy Wilder El rey de la comedia que murio sin

Lo primero que Billy Wilder hizo por él fue abrirle una ventana al sexo. Joseph McBride (1947), autor de Billy Wilder. Dancing on the edge (Columbia University Press), libro lanzado recientemente en los Estados Unidos, y profesor de la Escuela de Cine de la Universidad Estatal de San Francisco (California), era parte de una familia … Read more

Death of Gene Wilder, fetish actor in Mel Brooks’ films

Death of Gene Wilder fetish actor in Mel Brooks films

A curly mane, a sky gaze and a smile to win over the clouds, in short, far from the physique of young premieres, idolized in Hollywood, he had him, what we call in the cinema, a face. Gene Wilder, his name is perhaps not the best known in the history of American cinema of the … Read more