New Blood vs. Ghostface: Who’s Who in the New ‘Scream’ Movie?

1642223328 New Blood vs Ghostface Whos Who in the New Scream

If there’s one thing horror movie fans can be happy about, it’s that many of the biggest franchises in this genre have returned in recent years. There are several examples of what we are talking about; However, to kick off 2022, we have back one of the classic scary stories that we are sure caused … Read more

Characters in ‘the Witcher’: who’s who in season 2

Characters in the Witcher whos who in season 2

From wizards to new witches in the new installment of the famous series, here are some After the end of the first season of ‘The Witcher‘which left many fans out in the open, returns the second season of this series full of adventure and magic. In this new installment we meet the protagonist again Geralt … Read more

Grupo Firme: who’s who in the musical group

1637561925 Grupo Firme whos who in the musical group

Who are the members of the Firm Group? The ranchera music group has established itself as one of the most important since its foundation in 2014 by the hand of Eduin Caz and Joaquín Ruiz. The band from Mexico has been in charge of making that country dance and winning different recognitions for their record … Read more

Who’s who in Arcane, the new animated series that sweeps Netflix

1636968584 Whos who in Arcane the new animated series that sweeps

It is now available in Netflix, Arcane, the new animated series based on the popular video game League of legends and we want to introduce you to who is who in it Arcane Netflix’s animated series based on League of Legends, immerses yourself in the delicate balance between the rich city of Piltover and the … Read more

Flash vs Makkari from The Eternals: Who’s faster?

Flash vs Makkari from The Eternals Whos faster

The movie The Eternals has featured Makkari a sprinter who can travel the world in no time. But… Is it faster than Flash? The Eternals focuses on a group of very interesting heroes, but what stands out the most about this group is that each one has different powers. One flies and throws rays through … Read more

The Alec Baldwin Affair: Who’s the Villain in Bonanza Creek?

1635387758 The Alec Baldwin Affair Whos the Villain in Bonanza Creek

Cinema within the cinema. It was 1981 when it was released The French Lieutenant’s Wife . The film started from the book by John Fowles with the same title. The screenwriter, Harold Pinter, didn’t just make an adaptation. Created a side story. Pinter imagined what happened between the performers (Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons) on set. … Read more

Characters Luis Miguel, the series. Who’s who in season three

Characters Luis Miguel the series Whos who in season three

The romance of Mariah Carey with Sun grabbed the spotlight in the late 1990s, an episode that will be covered in detail in the third and last season of Luis Miguel, the series, where we will see a new cast give life to singers, Hollywood stars, managers and other personalities who marked the chaotic life … Read more

Who’s coming back and who’s not in season 4 of ‘Sex Education’

Whos coming back and whos not in season 4 of

Netflix has already confirmed the fourth installment of one of its most successful series. Sex Education, whose third season was released on September 17 on Netflix, has not needed to go through the usual month that the streaming platform usually takes to evaluate the audience results to be renewed for a fourth installment that we … Read more

“Nobody gets out alive”: who’s who in the Netflix horror movie

1633025432 Nobody gets out alive whos who in the Netflix horror

“Nobody gets out alive“(” No One Gets Out Alive “in its original language) is a horror film directed by Santiago Menghini and premiered on Netflix on September 29, 2021. The film follows Ambar, a young Mexican who embarks on a difficult journey in search of the American dream, after spending years caring for his sick … Read more

“Intrusion”: who’s who in the Netflix movie

1632611473 Intrusion whos who in the Netflix movie

Directed by Adam Salky and written by Chris Sparling, “IntrusionIs a Netflix thriller that follows Henry Parsons, an architect, and his wife Meera, a therapist who recently overcame cancer. The happy couple decide to move to a small town to leave their stressful city life, but shortly after their arrival, they are victims of a … Read more