All HBO Max premieres in October 2022: ‘The White Lotus’ returns, the Spanish super-agent arrives, the new series from the creator of ‘Peaky Blinders’ and more

All HBO Max premieres in October 2022 The White Lotus

We breathe the last hours of September and continue to review the main streaming news. Now, after seeing the Movistar Plus Y Netflix the time has come to mess with those of HBO Max. This month we are noticing the autumnal rhythm and we have emmy winners like ‘The White Lotus’ and the long-awaited arrival … Read more

‘Blonde’: Why the Netflix Movie Changes So Many Times from Black and White to Color and Image Aspect Ratio

Blonde Why the Netflix Movie Changes So Many Times from

The arrival of ‘Blonde’ a Netflix has finished shooting the popularity of the film starring Anne of Arms. One of the most striking aspects of it is that it changes on many occasions from black and white to color, something that it also does in terms of the aspect ratio of the image. I suspect … Read more

Jennifer Lopez shows off the white tailored suit to look elegant at 50

Jennifer Lopez shows off the white tailored suit to look

Jennifer Lopez always shows us her impressive looks in social networks that they make her look spectacular at 53 years old And this time was no exception. JLo showed off one of the best elegant outfits that consisted of a white tailored suit which is perfect for looking sophisticated at 50. The tailored suit is … Read more

“Mila and the white lion”, an unreleased film with Mélanie Laurent this Friday September 2, 2022 on M6

Mila and the white lion an unreleased film with Melanie

“Mila and the white lion” on the TV program for this Friday, September 2, 2022. Special evening on M6 with the broadcast at 21.10 of this new film released in cinemas in 2018 followed by a making-of. Directed by Gilles de Maistre, “Mila and the White Lion” describes an unusual friendship between a wild animal … Read more

White Noise: Netflix unveils the trailer for its apocalyptic thriller with Adam Driver

White Noise Netflix unveils the trailer for its apocalyptic thriller

After Marriage StoryNoah Baumbach reveals White Noisehis new film for Netflix with Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig. While the trailers of Blonde hair and Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro have already been revealed, it is the turn of another Netflix film to reveal itself and as much to say that after Mank, The Power of … Read more

Viral video: a singer paraded live with a white jean and had a mishap

Viral video a singer paraded live with a white jean

The unexpected response of the Peruvian artist Amy Gutiérrez after that episode. The singer peruvian Amy Gutierrez had been invited to the program TV local On everyone’s lipswhich is broadcast live. During the interview, the talk flowed at a good pace and the moment seemed to go on smoothly. Until the driver tula rodriguezhe proposed … Read more

White Noise: Adam Driver in the black comedy from the director of Marriage Story | CineChronicle

White Noise Adam Driver in the black comedy from the

Adam Driver – White Noise Noah Baumbach’s next film, about a terrifying and hilarious modern-day American family, starring Adam Driver, will have a New York premiere, pending its exclusive release on Netflix later this year . Adapted from the novel Background noise by Don DeLillo published in 1985, White Noise follows a bourgeois family in … Read more

Queen Letizia and Isabelle Huppert: a black and white duo at the Majorca Film Festival

Queen Letizia and Isabelle Huppert a black and white duo

Queen Letizia presided over the closing ceremony of the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2022. The Mallorca Film Festival aims to promote film productions that have found their audience on online platforms. During this ceremony, the French actress Isabelle Huppert was honored. Read also: King Felipe takes advantage of Letizia’s absence to indulge in his passion … Read more

Adam Driver stars in the new Netflix movie: know all the details of “White Noise”

Adam Driver stars in the new Netflix movie know all

First official image of “White Noise”, the new film by Noah Baumbauch. (Netflix) With the premiere of his latest work, story of a marriage, Noah Baumbach He became one of today’s most sought-after filmmakers. He has a particular and interesting look to tell all kinds of stories and today he is among the most prominent … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown wears white sneakers like an expert on the normcore trend

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the young actresses who is making history in Hollywood. Exciting projects for his career are on the horizon: the grand finale of the series that launched his career to success is pending, the fifth part of Stranger Things; added to his interpretation in Enola Holmes 2. This cannot be … Read more