Netflix premieres a preview of “All Quiet on the Western Front”, war drama with Daniel Brühl

Netflix premieres a preview of All Quiet on the Western

Adaptation of the homonymous novel by German author Erich Maria Remarque, which was banned throughout Europe for its clearly anti-war messages when it was published in 1929. (Netflix) This year the bet Germany to compete in the next installment of the Oscar in category to best international filmit will be the war drama All Quiet … Read more

Trailer of Dead for a Dollar, a western directed by Walter Hill with Willem Dafoe and Christoph Waltz – The things that make us happy

Trailer of Dead for a Dollar a western directed by

I’m here today on a demand of honor. Walter Hill premieres a western, dead for a dollar and I at least want to dedicate a few lines to this great director who recently turned 80 years old. And who is Walter Hill? As soon as you like cinema, you should know it very well. Director … Read more

What to see on Prime Video: a surprising and atypical ‘western’ with Michael Fassbender that is a true cult gem

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Despite the fact that its aesthetic and part of its energy is pure Western genre, in ‘Slow West’ we find a fresh and revisionist perspective on it. Right now you can discover this fabulous piece in ‘streaming’ through Amazon. A unique western film that defies many conventions of the genre, and it is fresh and … Read more

“Pipa”, Netflix’s commitment to make an Argentine western

Pipa Netflixs commitment to make an Argentine western

This work had seven months of editing and post-production. (Netflix) After a few days ago it premiered through Netflix the film Pipethe third and final installment of the trilogy starring louisana lopilato that started with Loss (2018) and the hunch (2020), the reactions to this work have stood out for the scenarios shown in this … Read more

Hollywood gallant triumphed with Susana Dosamantes and became a legend of the Western

Hollywood gallant triumphed with Susana Dosamantes and became a legend

At the beginning of the 70’s, Susana Dosamantes shared scenes and credits with one of the legends of the cinema Western of Hollywood, John Wayne. In the 50’s, 60’s Y 70 John Wayne was the prototype of cowboy American. One type rude and a whole hero, in any circumstance that came across it. It was … Read more

Pedro Almodóvar will shoot a ‘western’ with Ethan Hawke and the Chilean Pedro Pascal

american actor Ethan Hawke and the Chilean Peter Pascal will be the protagonists of “strange way of life“, a 30-minute western that Pedro Almodovar plans to shoot in the Spanish city of Almería, his production company El Deseo confirmed in a statement on Tuesday. The cast also includes the Spaniards Pedro Casablanc and Sara Sálamo, … Read more

“Yellowstone” on TMC, a modern western, with Kevin Costner at the head of the gondola

Yellowstone on TMC a modern western with Kevin Costner at

A series with cowboys, but not those of yesterday… A western which is also a hit in the United States. Unbelievable ? Not much. And not undeserved either. Because “Yellowstone” has breath. To see on the TMC channel from this Thursday. He got back on his horse, Kevin Costner, the man from “Dances with Wolves”. … Read more

Kevin Costner wants to revolutionize cinema with a mix of epic western, Marvel and television: it promises to be the perfect movie for fans of ‘Yellowstone’

Yellowstone season 5 of the series with Kevin Costner already

Kevin Costner will start shooting this year ‘Horizon’his first feature film as a director since 2003, the year of the premiere of ‘open-range’. Furthermore, the protagonist of ‘Yellowstone’ is determined to revolutionize the world of cinema with this epic westernbut the most curious thing is that for this he is going to use a strategy … Read more

“Outer Range” a western with fantastic elements that never ceases to amaze

Outer Range a western with fantastic elements that never ceases

Josh Broslin stars in “Outer Range”, the Brian Watkins series available on Prime Video. (Prime Video) Royal Abbott is a rancher from Wyoming. His family is marked by family trauma: the disappearance of his daughter-in-law, Rebecca, has everyone in a state of anguish that surfaces in the face of any conflict. Royal also faces problems … Read more