Expert weighs in on Alicia Silverstone co-sleeping with 11-year-old son

Expert weighs in on Alicia Silverstone co sleeping with 11 year old son

Alicia Silverstone, who has always been open over the years about her approach to parenting, is making headlines again this week after revealing that she and her son, Bear, now 11, sleep in the same bed. The “Clueless” star said on “The Ellen Fisher Podcast” that she and Bear co-slept when he was a baby … Read more

“What do you want your tax money spent on?” – Russell Brand weighs in on Conor McGregor’s chances of becoming president of Ireland

What do you want your tax money spent on

Comedian and activist Russell Brand believes Conor McGregor has a chance of becoming the president of Ireland, should he seriously considering running. McGregor has been vocal on social media in recents weeks regarding the Irish government, and has regularly criticized those in power for their handling of incidents that have taken place in the country, … Read more

Henry Cavill weighs the possibility of becoming James Bond as Daniel Craig’s successor

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Henry Cavill has just made one of the most significant announcements of his career, announcing that he was leaving his role as Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher but also showing his return as Superman in a DC cinematic universe. Commenting that he hopes to have more creative control over his future projects, … Read more

Luke Evans weighs in on James Bond changes as his name is thrown around to replace Daniel Craig

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Luke Evans is known for having played many iconic characters, including Dracula and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Lately, it has been rumored that his name is being used for another legendary role: 007. While Daniel Craig’s replacement is far from decided, Evans certainly looks good and never shies away from interesting projects. Amid … Read more

Tom Hanks weighs in on Tim Allen’s absence from Lightyear

Tom Hanks weighs in on Tim Allens absence from Lightyear

A few weeks ago it hit theaters Lightyearthe spin-off of toy story. Pixar’s new animated film is based on the figure of Buzz Lightyear, the astronaut who inspired the action figure we met in the 90s animated blockbuster. In the Toy Story moviesthe charismatic astronaut who immortalized the phrase “to infinity and beyond”, featured the … Read more