Netflix: the series that reached 4 weeks being the most watched worldwide

Millie Bobby Brown criticized Stranger Things and the creators responded

Netflix FlixPatrol presented its update of the most chosen by Netflix users in the last week and the same title is repeated. By Enzo Wheel 09/04/2022 – 22:31 UTC 09/04/2022 – 22:31 UTC © NetflixNetflix: the series that reached 4 weeks being the most viewed worldwide. the streaming service Netflix seems to be on the … Read more

He filmed six weeks as Marty McFly but was kicked out: Eric Stoltz, the protagonist of Back to the future that was not

He filmed six weeks as Marty McFly but was kicked

Teenager Marty McFly is Doc’s friend, a scientist who everyone thinks is crazy. When Doc creates a time travel machine, a fortuitous mistake sends Marty to 1955. (Universal Pictures) It is common to hear stories of “what was not”: from the actor who rejected the movie that later became successful or the reverse case, the … Read more

9 ½ weeks: the film ruined Kim Basinger’s marriage – CinéSéries

9 ½ weeks the film ruined Kim Basingers marriage scaled

SUMMER FILE / PART 4 ​​- Continuation and end of our summer file on “9 ½ weeks”. A film that Kim Basinger does not regret having made despite a humiliating audition, complicated relations with director Adrian Lyne and exhausting filming, which had harmful consequences on his love life. 9 ½ weeks : a harrowing experience … Read more

This week’s premieres on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney + (August 22 to 28)

Netflix releases in April 2022 all series and movies

They are the big questions. What’s premiering on Netflix this week? And on HBO? What to see on Disney +? Calm down, you are in the right place and in the place where you will find the answers. New week, new releases. We start the fourth week of august with a huge number of great … Read more

Cobra Kai: weeks after its premiere, the detail of the last advance of the fifth season that surprises fans

Cobra Kai weeks after its premiere the detail of the

In the era of series forged with nostalgia as the main drive, Cobra Kai, the sequel to karate kid, the film saga of the 80s, seems to be the one that best understands its reason for being and the one that makes the best use of its own legend. This is confirmed by the recent … Read more

9 ½ weeks: Adrian Lyne wanted to “break” Kim Basinger for a shock scene cut during editing – CinéSéries

9 ½ weeks Adrian Lyne wanted to break Kim Basinger

SUMMER FILE / PART 3 – To get the performance he wanted from the actress and capture the emotional intensity of a suffocating affair, Adrian Lyne pushed Kim Basinger over the edge during production of ‘9 ½ Weeks’ . The culmination of this painful experience for the actress is probably the filming of a scene … Read more

9 ½ Weeks: how Adrian Lyne pushed Kim Basinger to the limit during filming – CinéSéries

9 ½ Weeks how Adrian Lyne pushed Kim Basinger to

SUMMER FILE / PART 2 – Before “Batman” and “LA Confidential”, Kim Basinger becomes a star thanks to her role in the drama “9 ½ weeks”, where she falls madly in love with Mickey Rourke, who seeks to dominate. A decisive but painful experience for the actress. After his humiliating audition, back to the intense … Read more

A mistake in an Avengers scene led to weeks of CGI to fix Black Widow’s hair

Dragon Ball Super Premiere date and time of the

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began to take hold with the arrival of The Avengersthe movie that first showed this group of heroes coming together to stop a bigger threat. This was how the battle of New York began, where Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye faced Loki and his Chitauri armyan … Read more

“Wounded Hearts”: Why has this movie been in Netflix’s Top 10 Trending for two weeks in a row? [RESEÑA]

Wounded Hearts Why has this movie been in Netflixs Top

Wounded Hearts has been the surprise of the year, reaching the top 10 trends in Netflix for two consecutive weeks. The film, inspired by the book of Tess Wakefield, has come to cause a furor among staunch Netflix audiences for trying to add more mature elements to the romance genre. It is the story of … Read more

9 ½ weeks: when Kim Basinger left her audition with Mickey Rourke in tears, “humiliated” – CinéSéries

9 ½ weeks when Kim Basinger left her audition with

SUMMER FILE / PART 1 – A cult film retracing a destructive love between an art gallery employee and a dominating Wall Street executive, “9 ½ weeks” had a hectic production. A look back at Kim Basinger’s painful hearing, which she left in tears after feeling “humiliated”, swearing to her agent that she would not … Read more