Pérez Art Museum, the beautiful Miami museum where Marc Anthony’s wedding took place

Perez Art Museum the beautiful Miami museum where Marc Anthonys

Written in TRENDS the 1/30/2023 09:50 a.m. Last Saturday, January 28 of this year 2023, the singer Mark Anthony celebrated his wedding with the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreirafinalist of the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, in a luxurious ceremony that had as guests great personalities of the artistic world within which the presence of celebrities such … Read more

Kristen Bell on ‘Dream Come True’ to Work With Ben Platt in ‘The People We Hate at the Wedding’ – Nifey

Kristen Bell on Dream Come True to Work With Ben

The first scene Kristen Bell shot in Claire Scanlon’s new comedy, People we hate at marriageis one that many might describe as a bit of a nightmare. “It was 7am and they threw me in the Thames,” Bell explained with a smile Wednesday night as he stood on the red carpet in Westwood, host of … Read more

Jennifer Lopez responds, why did you decide to adopt the last name of Ben Affleck after your wedding?

Jennifer Lopez responds why did you decide to adopt the

The relationship of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continues to speak, even months after sealing their love in a ceremony as intimate as it is romantic at the actor’s private estate in Georgia. One of the topics of conversation that keeps coming up is precisely the decision of the singer to change her last name … Read more

Toño de Valdés reveals the impressive gift that ‘El Tigre’ Azcárraga gave him at his wedding

Tono de Valdes reveals the impressive gift that El Tigre

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 10/30/2022 10:21 p.m. The commentator Tono de Valdes is one of the most popular Televisabecause since he began his career in the 1980s, he has won the favor of the Mexican public. As he has spent a large part of his life in that company, he came to interact with Emilio … Read more

The most intimate side of Daniel Craig: a wedding before 4 people and two daughters to whom he does not intend to leave an inheritance

One more night, Hollywood will have a presence in ‘The Anthill’. There are already several international actors who have passed for the Antena 3 program and tonight it will be Daniel Craig’s turn. Together with Kate Hudson, she will talk about her film ‘Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery’. And surely throughout of … Read more

Julia Roberts turns 55: her sad childhood, a bad love streak and the escape from her wedding with the groom’s friend

Julia Roberts turns 55 her sad childhood a bad love scaled

Julia Roberts at the avant premiere of the film Journey to Paradise in London (REUTERS / May James) His unmistakable smile, his freshness and endless legs clad in buccaneer boots conquered an audience eager for romantic comedies. It was 1990 and Julia Roberts began a meteoric cinematographic rise, in the role of a prostitute, in … Read more

Dulce María confesses why she did not go to Maite Perroni’s wedding where there was a reunion of RBD

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- The singer Dulce María broke the silence and decided to answer why she did not go to the wedding of her colleague Maite Perroni, where several members of the former RBD group met and grabbed the headlines of the entertainment press. Since the singer and actress Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar met on … Read more

Mirtha Legrand will be the godmother of Lizy Tagliani’s wedding

1666555490 Mirtha Legrand will be the godmother of Lizy Taglianis wedding

Mirtha Legrand will be the humorist’s godmother Lizy Tagliani. The television diva accepted the proposal during the program the thirteen. “It would be a great honor”, Legrand claimed on Twitter. Tagliani confirmed that will marry on March 23 with his current partner, Sebastián Nebot. “I have a friend who gave me the entire party, because … Read more

Osvaldo Benavides and Ludwika Paleta talk about the death of the actors of ‘Wedding Night’

Antonio Curiel Pérez and Luis Manuel Gutiérrez Saldaña, extras in the film ‘Wedding Night’, lost their lives in an incident on a beach in Oaxaca. Osvaldo Benavides and Ludwika Paleta have shown solidarity with the families of the deceased. The actress indicated that the incident occurred outside the recordings. The actor pointed out that, probably, … Read more

“There was no audition”: Russell Crowe denies that he spoiled his audition for ‘My best friend’s wedding’

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

At the beginning of this year scott meslow public From Hollywood with Love wanting to review the history of the American romantic comedy. In it, he not only dealt with highlighting the main titles, but also delving into their genesis and assessing how they had been developed within the industry. That is why there were … Read more