Demi Moore demonstrates how to wear casual dresses and show off legs after 50

Demi Moore demonstrates how to wear casual dresses and show

Demi Moore, American actress, model and producer knows how to look spectacular at 59 years old with a unique style. The actress’s career took off after landing small movie roles and a recurring role on the television series “General Hospital” in the 1990s. Her lead performance in “Ghost,” the highest-grossing film of 1990, earned her … Read more

Olivia Newton-John and the sacrifice to wear Sandy’s look at the end of “Grease”

Olivia Newton John and the sacrifice to wear Sandys look at

For sure, “Grease” It is one of those films that marked many generations, not only those that saw its premiere in 1978, but also the later ones that were captivated by the plot that is set in the 50s. Due to the success it has had until today, many times we have been Witnesses the … Read more

Lady Gaga goes viral for a video of one of her shows: Does she wear an invisible shield?

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

The mystery is worthy of the Fourth Millennium (when they dedicated themselves to mysteries and not to other things). Lady Gaga has gone viral due to a video recorded during one of the first shows he is offering in Europe on the occasion of the start of his Chromatica Ball Tour. Does the New York … Read more

Reese Witherspoon and her two opposite style formulas to wear a dress and get it right

Angela Aguilar and the situation she faces after her concerts

Although it is true that we began to talk about the emergence of the trend barbie core in the stylistic panorama due to the brilliant success of the next film by Barbie –scheduled for 2023 in the hands of Greta Gerwig–, this character has not been the only one that has caused the phenomenon pink … Read more

Harry Styles makes it fashionable to wear pajamas all day

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Harry Styles has a bold style. In the past we’ve seen him wear leather suits to the Grammys, wear a dress on the cover of US Vogue and dressing up as Dorothy for her own “Harryween” concert. In essence, anything goes for the 28-year-old pop singer, who has become as well known for his fashion … Read more

Why do people wear jackets to the movies to see the Minions?

Why do people wear jackets to the movies to see

It premiered last weekend Minions: The Origin of Gru, a film that Universal Pictures had prepared since 2020, but that they have not wanted to release until now so as not to put one of their most successful franchises at risk. The animated feature film is being a success, but many families wonder why movie … Read more

‘Stranger Things’: “Forbidden to wear makeup” and other curious rules that the actors of the Netflix series must follow

Stranger Things Forbidden to wear makeup and other curious rules

With release date already confirmed for its season 4, ‘Stranger things’ returns to become one of the series that is being talked about the most. Since its premiere in 2016, the series full of eighties winks has been one of the flagship projects of Netflixturning its cast into stars, especially Millie Bobby Brown.

Since the beginning of the series, they have been establishing a set of rules for the shooting set, some of them really surprising.

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Helen Mirren has the keys to wear the white shirt in a party look

Helen Mirren has the keys to wear the white shirt scaled

The English actress never ceases to amaze us with her outfits in trend and most flattering. He always attends the events in an impeccable way and proof of this is that he has established himself as a benchmark when it comes to risking and succeeding in his combinations. As we have already seen in other … Read more

Platform sandals that are difficult to wear? Not for Jennifer Lopez!

Platform sandals that are difficult to wear Not for Jennifer

When Jennifer Lopez isn’t on stage, on a talk show, and isn’t donning eccentric film set attire, her style cues are simple. White T-shirts, baggy jeans, shoulder bags and must-have accessories (her gold earrings are almost never missing) replace all extravagance. Because after all, Jennifer Lopez lives in Los Angeles, the city of dreams, pilates … Read more