A bible and a gun: why the shooting was very difficult for John Wayne? – CineSeries

For his only collaboration with Katharine Hepburn, John Wayne resumes his role as Rooster Cogburn for “A Bible and a Gun”, a sequel to “100 dollars for a sheriff” released in 1975. A shoot that was very trying for the western superstar . The John Wayne – Katharine Hepburn meeting It took time for these … Read more

100 dollars for a sheriff: why John Wayne couldn’t stand his partner Kim Darby? – CineSeries

100 dollars for a sheriff why John Wayne couldnt stand

In 1970, John Wayne received the only Oscar of his career for his portrayal of the gruff and violent marshal Rooster Cogburn in “100 dollars for a sheriff”. A role and a project of which the actor was particularly proud, even if he had a lot of trouble getting along with his young partner Kim … Read more

I dug bones in the mud under John Wayne Gacy’s house with my bare hands – my photos show all the horrors – Reuters

1667204983 I dug bones in the mud under John Wayne Gacys

A detective used his bare hands to dig up victims buried under John Wayne Gacy’s house – what he saw and smelled that day still haunts him. Retired Des Plaines Inspector Rafael Tovar and his 10-person team discovered 29 decomposing bodies hidden in Gacy’s residence in Norwood Park Township. John Wayne Gacy raped, tortured and … Read more

The Train will whistle three times: why John Wayne hated the cult western? – CineSeries

The Train will whistle three times why John Wayne hated

Released in 1952, “The Train will whistle three times” won four Oscars and established itself as a reference for westerns. Not for John Wayne, who has a particular aversion to the film. The Train will whistle three times : one sheriff against all Feature film that takes place almost in real time, The Train will … Read more

HOUSES OF HORROR. John Wayne Gacy: under the floor of the “killer clown”, six years of abominations

HOUSES OF HORROR John Wayne Gacy under the floor of

For six years, John Wayne Gacy will kill and bury his victims under his house. Many years later, his home was sold. In 2019, the home of the killer John Wayne Gacy has been put up for sale. The new owners paid no less than $395,000 to buy it. But what a house! Indeed, for … Read more

The Caravan of Fire: John Wayne and Kirk Douglas got confused on the set

1666229203 The Caravan of Fire John Wayne and Kirk Douglas got

Released in 1967, “The Caravan of Fire” sees two monsters of American cinema team up: John Wayne and Kirk Douglas. However, behind the scenes, the tension on set was far more explosive. The Caravan of Fire : a legendary duo Burt Kennedy is neither the best known nor the most prestigious of American directors. However, … Read more

What were the last words of John Wayne Gacy, the “Killer Clown”

What were the last words of John Wayne Gacy the

John Wayne Gacy killed 33 people.among youths and minors, and was sentenced to death in the 1980s. However, his appeals caused the execution to be postponed for 14 years, until May 10, 1994, the same day that Jeffrey Dahmeranother serial killer whose life came as series and docuseries on Netflixwas baptized at the Columbia Correctional … Read more

What happened to Wayne Knight? The actor who played Dennis Nedry in ‘Jurassic Park’

What happened to Wayne Knight The actor who played Dennis

the movie saga ‘Jurassic-Park’ is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and successful (economically speaking) in the Hollywood film industry. Numerous actors and actresses have participated in it, providing the public with hours and hours of entertainment at the hands of iconic characters such as Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), … Read more

The Heroic Charge: John Wayne almost died violently during filming

The Heroic Charge John Wayne almost died violently during filming

The filming of “The Heroic Charge” was marked by several events that could have turned into drama. Among them, a brutal fall from John Wayne, who a few seconds later experienced a great moment of panic. The Heroic Charge : the difficult peace effort After The Fort Apache Massacre (1948) and before Rio Grande (1950), … Read more

Why John Wayne created Rio Bravo in response to High Noon | Pretty Reel

Why John Wayne created Rio Bravo in response to High

Both High Noon and Rio Bravo are classic Westerns, but here’s why John Wayne made the latter film in response to High Noon’s political message. Here’s why John Wayne created his 1959 Western Rio Bravo in response to High Noon. From his onscreen breakthrough with Stagecoach in 1939 to his final role as a terminally … Read more