La 2 dedicates a cycle to the great westerns of John Ford and John Wayne

the 2 takes us on a journey through the epic horizons of the American West and the heroic dignity of its characters, through the eyes of master John Ford and the unmistakable figure of John Wayne. Two legends who united his charisma and talent in front of and behind the camera in more than 20 … Read more

The Longest Day: when a resentful John Wayne dictated his superstar conditions – CinéSéries

For John Wayne to appear in the legendary cast of the war cinema classic “The Longest Day”, Darryl F. Zanuck had to pull out the checkbook and come to terms with the star’s demands, as well as with the authenticity of his role… The longest daya monument of war cinema To tell the story of … Read more

Redemption Or The Meeting Of Mad Max And John Wayne

The creative team of Bad Mother comes together again to offer a new genre narrative but finished the feminist thriller and place to Redemptiona post-apocalyptic western edited by panini comics. Go to OK Collapse As predicted by the theories of collapsology, the world has collapsed. Screenwriter Christa Faust explains that riots have caused a crisis … Read more

Sick moment John Wayne Gacy claims he ‘outwitted’ cops ‘because he killed 33 young men’ – Home

ads It has been nearly 30 years since horrific killer John Wayne Gacy was finally executed for his six-year murder spree, claiming the lives of 33 youths and children. Perceived as a popular “family man” who bragged about the identity of Pogo the clown at children’s parties, no one expected him to be one of … Read more

The chilling connection between John Wayne Gacy’s first job and his last meal

For those not in the know, Gacy was responsible for the sexual assault and murder of at least 33 young men between 1972 and 1976. The reason for his sinister nickname is that when he wasn’t massacring people, he often dressed up as one of his “Pogo the Clown” or “Paches the Clown” alter egos … Read more

John Wayne gave Michael Caine advice on his movie career to keep fans from peeing on his shoes – Home

John Wayne is an American legend and movie star, whom actors like Michael Caine knew a lot about. Most of those who knew the star of the West felt lucky to have the opportunity to meet him. Caine once spoke about his experience meeting Wayne at The Beverly Hills Hotel. However, he would never have … Read more

John Wayne once revealed what turns an actor’s hatred for a director into love at the 1975 Oscars – Home

John Wayne gave a speech at the 1975 Oscars that detailed what makes an actor’s feelings for a director turn from hate to love. His speech is certainly meant to engage with the actors in the room, but it’s also a great testament to the power of a talented director. Wayne gave a powerful speech … Read more

‘Real Value’: John Wayne Called Kim Darby ‘Spoiled’ When His Daughter Didn’t Get Mattie Ross Role – Home

John Wayne had a very specific vision that he pursued through his productions. However, he adopted this creative mode even in movies that he couldn’t control. Wayne wanted to take his daughter, Aissa, aboard the ship. true grain cast, but he did not have the last word. As a result, he did not get along … Read more

Hollywood star George Clooney has claimed he would love to buy Wayne Rooney’s Derby County side – Home

GEORGE Clooney has told other Derby County fans that he would love to help out manager Wayne Rooney, by buying the club and saving them another points deduction. In what would be the most dramatic football takeover since Roman Abramovich was sacked from Chelsea, the Hollywood legend has said he wants to lead a consortium … Read more