The intense romance that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher lived during the filming of Star Wars

In 1977, george lucas created one of the most iconic and important films in the science fiction genre. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, was the first in a saga of films that gave rise to an extensive franchise that continues today. At that time, it was released only by name starwars, but … Read more

Star Wars wants the director of Deadpool 3 for his new movie

Star Wars wants the director of Deadpool 3 for his

Shawn Levy, director of Deadpool 3, is in talks with Lucasfilm. He would be in charge of the new movie of starwarsthe beloved galactic saga. Star Wars wants the director of Deadpool 3 for his new movie. Director of MarvelShawn Levy is reportedly in talks to direct a movie in the galactic saga. Report claims … Read more

When is ‘Tales of the Jedi’ set? The timeline of the new ‘Star Wars’ series, explained

When is Tales of the Jedi set The timeline of

East October 26th we had double portion of starwars on Disney+. On the one hand, the eighth episode of Andora series that (even without making much noise) is dazzling the fandom of the saga, and on the other hand Dave Philoni premiered a new animated title. The enthusiastic disciple of george lucasbeyond his contribution to … Read more

The origin of Snoke or double paper? Andy Serkis reappears in ‘Star Wars’ via ‘Andor’

The origin of Snoke or double paper Andy Serkis reappears

Still resonates the stupor of fandom when he witnessed, in a scene from the last jedi that wasn’t even the climax, the death of Supreme Leader Snoke. Kyloren (Adam Driver) betrayed his master with the idea of ​​assuming command of the First Order and, if possible, that Rey (daisy ridley) joined her, and she wore … Read more

‘Star Wars The Jedi Chronicles’ lights the fuse and opens a new controversy with Yoda

Star Wars The Jedi Chronicles lights the fuse and opens

Jedi Master Yaddle, the character she brings to life in the VO of the series Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles Bryce Dallas Howard and in Spanish the dubbing actress Thais Buforn, has just sowed a new controversy in the saga. We could even go so far as to say that this series and Yaddle break … Read more

All the “Star Wars” movies that are being prepared

1666882657 All the Star Wars movies that are being prepared

The science fiction film franchise will return to theaters in the coming years. (Disney) Subscribe to Disney+, click here In the last three years, the universe of starwars it has expanded mostly on television after culminating in the showing of the modern trilogy in theaters. Regarding the confirmation of another film sequel by Damon Lindeloffone … Read more

Marvel: after Star Wars, Adam Driver could play this character highly anticipated by MCU fans

Marvel after Star Wars Adam Driver could play this character

Having become an iconic actor, Adam Driver is now very well known for having played the role of Kylo Ren in the last trilogy of Star Wars. If these films have never been unanimous with fans, the interpreter of the villain has become a popular actor in the world. over the years. Now well known … Read more

Armor Wars: Robert Downey Jr. back in the film on War Machine? – CineSeries

Armor Wars Robert Downey Jr back in the film on

While “Armor Wars” was originally intended to be a series, the project turned into a film. A brand new rumor suggests a return of comedian Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man for the purposes of the feature film. Armor Wars : from small to big screen Amid countless Marvel Studios productions to come, there’s Armor … Read more

Star Wars fans want Christian Bale in live-action Thrawn | Pretty Reel

Star Wars fans want Christian Bale in live action Thrawn

If Christian Bale is going to spark a conversation about how he could join the Star Wars franchise, many fans will respond by calling for his casting as the live-action incarnation of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Recently, Bale shared his thoughts on Star Wars and named an interesting choice for a desired role to play in … Read more

All Disney + releases in October 2022: 17 series, movies and documentaries such as ‘Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles’ or the end of ‘She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka’

All Disney releases in October 2022 17 series movies

we already knew so many what’s new on netflix What those of HBO Max Y those of Movistar+ ahead of next month and now it’s time to make a stop at all the premieres that arrive in the catalog of Disney+ in October 2022. At the moment there are only 17 confirmed, but everything indicates … Read more