Prosecutor warns expressions of Sixto George would be used against him

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office filed a motion after the producer made expressions on television and social networks about his case, and today he scheduled a hearing. Producer Sixto George (Archive | NotiCel) Photo: The Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirmed in a hearing today, Thursday, that the motion that had been filed in the case against producer … Read more

Chris Hemsworth warns that his end has come at Marvel

Thor: Love and Thunder could be Chris Hemsworth’s last movie at Marvel Studios. The actor is warning his fans about this… Chris Hemsworth has been interpreting the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011. However, it was in 2009 that the then unknown actor signed his first contract. Almost fifteen years later, … Read more

for kiss? Cinema warns that Lightyear has gender ideology

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 06.17.2022 18:01:26 ‘Lightyear‘, one of the most anticipated films of this 2022, continues to give much to talk about due to the position that several countries have taken for a scene in which a female couple kisses. In this situationsome cinemas have decided to put a ‘warning’ for the content … Read more

Tom Hardy publishes the first image of Venom 3 and warns of the end

fan-art The first image of the Venom 3 script is now available. Tom Hardy has published it. The actor warns that this is the end of the saga. In a publication through his social networks, Tom Hardy confirmed that the script-writing process for Venom 3 has already started. The work is being done with Kelly … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder director warns Christian Bale is Marvel’s best villain

July it will be the month for Marvel Studios presents its second premiere of the year, Thor: Love and Thunder. The fourth film of the God of Thunder is expected by all fans and now to add more hype to the situation, its director Taika Waititi talked about history and made it clear that with … Read more

A meteorologist warns his children during the live news about a tornado that was going to pass over their house

By Minyvonne Burke – NBCNews NBC Washington Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer was reporting on a possible tornado when he briefly paused his live segment to make a call. “I am following this so closely now. This will happen right over my house. Very, very close to my house,” Kammer said as he showed that the … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. Warns Oscar Isaac About Marvel

The actor who brought Iron Man to life at Marvel Studios, Robert Downey Jr., has warned Oscar Isaac, who plays Moon Knight. The protagonist of the series moon knight, oscar isaacwas interviewed yesterday by ExtraTV and talked about his long-awaited debut at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apparently she had more “help” than we first thought. … Read more

Australia warns Kanye West that he must be vaccinated if he wants to give concerts in the country

The tennis player Novak Djokovic will not be the only celebrity to whom Australia blocks the way for his refusal to be vaccinated against covid. The country’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, warned this Saturday that the rapper Kanye West You will have to present the complete vaccination schedule against the coronavirus to be able to … Read more

Spider-Man: No Way Home producer warns Tom Holland and Zendaya against dating

It looks like Tom Holland and Zendaya received some early advice when they appeared in Spider-Man: No Path Home by producer Any Pascal, who warned the couple about dating while still acting together. If it is clear that the couple did not listen, this is not the first time that Pascal gives the conference. In … Read more

The concerted Rioja warns of a 6% cut in concerts

SHARE TUITEA WHATSAPP Email The Platform for the Freedom of Education in La Rioja has warned this Friday that the regional government has “cut” by 6 percent the item for educational concerts in the Budgets of 2022, which foresees an expenditure of 54 million, which is 3.4 million less than in the previous year. This … Read more