Helen Mirren and her beauty secret at 77: not wanting to go back at 25

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

British actress Helen Mirren had her birthday on July 26 77 yearsand held it in Rome, where he was recording the new installment of Fast&Furious alongside Vin Diesel. However, it has been, more than the appearance of the actress, her attitude that has attracted attention, since she assured the French edition of an American publication … Read more

What to see if you were left wanting more Miles Teller after Top Gun: Maverick

The sequel to TopGun continues to break records and is already positioned as the highest grossing movie of the year in the United States. And this is largely due to Tom Cruise reincarnates the character that led him to be recognized worldwide, pilot Peter “Maverick” Mitchell. However, Cruise was not the only one to shine … Read more

From meals to televisions: influencers exposed for wanting everything for free

From meals to televisions influencers exposed for wanting everything for

Since the boom of influencers, many of these content creators seek to obtain free services, objects or food in exchange for a positive review of a business on their profile, but not all entrepreneurs are interested in that opinion and avoid giving away their products to this group of young people, who call work to … Read more

In case you were left wanting more: the complete scene of Miles Teller singing ‘Great Balls of Fire’ in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Like father Like Son. In one of the most remembered scenes of top gun from 1986, Maverick (Tom Cruise) joined his friend Groose (Anthony Edwards) singing the theme Great Balls of Fire of Jerry Lee Lewis during one of his leisure moments in the bar of the military air base. And in an exercise of … Read more

Netflix Revealed Thrilling Trailer For “Bridgerton” Season 2 And Left Viewers Wanting More

Netflix Revealed Thrilling Trailer For Bridgerton Season 2 And Left

A few hours ago, the streaming platform assured that this Wednesday, March 9, it would release a preview of the new season of Bridgerton, and complied. A few minutes ago a trailer was revealed that advances more details of what will happen in the episodes that will come to Netflix next March 25. [Más series … Read more

‘Death on the Nile’ is as entertaining as ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and leaves Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot wanting more mysteries

1645299275 Death on the Nile is as entertaining as Murder on

The decision of Kenneth Brangh to bring back Poirot, probably the most popular character created by Christie Agathato make a new version of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ It sounded like little more than a whim at the time, since he himself decided to take charge of directing and starring in the film. The result … Read more

Son of Chapo Guzmán would have ordered the murder of a Mexican singer for not wanting to sing at his wedding

1640121674 Son of Chapo Guzman would have ordered the murder of

Chapo Guzmán’s children are in the news again. This time, because information has been leaked that Ovidio Guzmán, one of his sons, would have ordered the killing of a popular singer who refused to participate in his wedding. In addition, related to the trafficking of synthetic drugs, a millionaire reward is offered for the arrest … Read more

‘The Witcher’ leaves you wanting more with a great season 2 that places it as one of the best Netflix series

1639824523 The Witcher leaves you wanting more with a great season

Netflix has finally released the second season of ‘The Witcher’ after two long years of waiting. Despite your problems, I was one of those who enjoyed with the first batch of episodes and was looking forward to seeing Geralt of Rivia’s adventures continue. A few days ago I already shared with you my first impressions … Read more

Don Tetto returns to Mexico wanting to rock and tacos

Don Tetto returns to Mexico wanting to rock and tacos

Exclusive interview In an exclusive interview with Spoiler, the members of the band talked about the pleasure of returning to Mexico with a special tour. By Elijah Leonardo Salazar 02/12/2021 – 20:40hs UTC 02/12/2021 – 20:40hs UTC Don Tetto returns to Mexico to make his fans enjoy. (Photo: Spoiler) By Elijah Leonardo Salazar It was … Read more

From wanting to be Mister Universo to “I got tired of dealing with idiots”: 13 anecdotes from Sean Connery that you may not know

1636549012 From wanting to be Mister Universo to I got tired

The sad death of Sean Connery it leaves us without one of the greatest actors that the world of cinema has given us. After hearing the news, Michael Bay shared a curious story in his heartfelt tribute to the interpreter of ‘La Roca’ and we wanted to recover other 13 incredible anecdotes of the mythical … Read more