Richard Dreyfuss quit acting because he wanted to save ‘my country’ from ‘damage’ – Reuters

Richard Dreyfuss is a man determined to fight for his country. Known for his starring roles in films like “Jaws,” “American Graffiti” and “The Goodbye Girl,” for which he won the Best Actor Oscar, Dreyfuss has since moved on to a life of educating others about the civic practices. “I gave up something I loved, … Read more

Camila wanted to touch Marcos in Big Brother 2022 and Maxi exploded: “He’s telling you no”

1674104219 Camila wanted to touch Marcos in Big Brother 2022 and

Camila wanted to touch Marcos and Maxi exploded: “He’s telling you no” (Photo: Capture Pluto TV) The new members of the house of Big Brother 2022 they entered to unbalance the game. So much Camila Lattanzio What ariel ansaldo They joined the reality show with a lot of information from abroad, which allowed them to … Read more

“The rivalry with Oasis was wanted and benefited us all”: confessions of Dave Rowntree, lawyer, astronomer and Blur drummer

1674024785 The rivalry with Oasis was wanted and benefited us all

Perhaps, of the four components of blur, Dave Rowntree (Colchester, United Kingdom, 58 years old) is the least popular or charismatic. But the timid drummer is a mainstay in the band that defined the britpop and that this 2023 they will meet again to perform live after eight years of silence. Spain, by the way, … Read more

Was the Arctic Monkeys mania born?: the most anticipated band of Primavera Sound and the fervor of an audience that wanted to be very close

Was the Arctic Monkeys mania born the most anticipated band

When in 2018 Arctic Monkeys He launched Tranquility base hotel & casinotheir sixth studio album, critics and audiences alike were initially somewhat taken aback, given the abrupt and notorious change in musical direction the band adopted from A.Mits successful and award-winning predecessor published in 2013. Five years after that event, the panorama was very different: … Read more

Game of Thrones: What was the ending Emilia Clarke wanted for Daenerys Targaryen

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Game of Thrones may have been one of the most successful series of recent times. But, there is no denying that the HBO drama delivered a disappointing ending for millions of fans. The way Daenerys Tagaryen’s arc closed was an upset to many, and apparently this includes her own interpreter, Emilia Clarke. November 05, 2022 … Read more

HBO cancels ‘Westworld’ by surprise: the series is left without the fifth season with which its creators wanted to conclude it

HBO cancels Westworld by surprise the series is left without

Bad start to the weekend for fans of ‘Westworld’. HBO just announce cancellation of the popular science fiction drama after four seasons, which in practice is double bad news for those who have followed the story so far: in addition to the cancellation itself, the decision leaves the series without a fifth installment to conclude … Read more

Renata Flores: “I always wanted to go further with Quechua, culture and what we are”

Renata Flores I always wanted to go further with Quechua

Renata Flores wants to internationalize her career to continue making Peruvian culture known. (instagram) Renata Flores is a 21-year-old young woman from Ayacucho who is making her way in the music industry with her different songs that include phrases from our native Quechua. The Peruvian rapper and singer of Andean music, hip hop, pop and … Read more

Why Kate Hudson Never Wanted To Kiss Matthew McConaughey Despite Their Many Movies Together

Why Kate Hudson Never Wanted To Kiss Matthew McConaughey Despite

They are two of the most recognized and required actors in different movies of Hollywood. However, and beyond being stars, they are also human beings, which is why some scenes are difficult for them to perform. kate hudson and Matthew McConaughey coincided in more than one tape but that has not been a reason for … Read more

Iron Man: why Jon Favreau wanted Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark?

Iron Man why Jon Favreau wanted Robert Downey Jr as

“Iron Man” is the very first film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In 2008, filmmaker Jon Favreau initiated this connected universe with a first film much appreciated by fans, in particular thanks to the presence of Robert Downey Jr. An actor required by the filmmaker! Iron Man : first stone to the building In … Read more

Gael García revealed that he did not want to be an actor: “I wanted to be a normal kid”

Gael García was invited to the ‘Creativo’ podcast by the influencer from Monterrey, Roberto Martínez. Gael García participated in the soap opera ‘My grandfather and I’ along with Evangelina Elizondo, Ludwika Paleta, Jorge Martínez de Hoyos etc. In 2001, Gael participated in ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’, a film directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Gael Garcia Bernal … Read more