Lis Vega is walking perfection, her beauty among the rainbow

Lis Vega is walking perfection, her beauty among the rainbow | Instagram Since her beginnings on Mexican television, the beautiful dancer and singer Lisa Vega It is characterized by having a close relationship with its fans, making them part of its day-to-day life through Instagram stories and posts. On this occasion, she decided to share … Read more

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln in Trailer for Netflix’s New Horror Series

The Walking Dead featured Andrew Lincoln until the fifth episode of season 9. And while there’s no confirmation as yet of his return as Rick Grimes with the latest wave of eight installments of AMC’s zombie drama, fans can be sure. fans is that the actor will return to television in a new Netflix horror … Read more

Fear the Walking Dead ends the seventh season with the most anticipated return of the series

Fear the Walking Dead hill seventh season with an episode loaded after the release of Alycia Debnam-Carey of the series. The highlight of the chapter was the return of one of the characters who was believed dead, we are talking about madison clarkinterpreted by kim dickens. The The Walking Dead spin-off had previously announced that … Read more

The best concerts of June on the Keep Walking x Johnnie Walker tour

Stay tuned because we return with the dates of the next concerts that will be part of Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking 2022 concert tour this June Just like the temperatures, Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking 2022 tour concerts are only rising this June. And since it’s unbearably hot, why not cope while enjoying the best live … Read more

The Walking Dead: The spinoff with Norman Reedus will bring ‘lost’ characters

The Walking Dead soon come to an end. while the crossover and the legends of the series return to the main plot in its last bars, AMC has given the green light to different spin off and sequels, such as the one starring Negan and Maggie or the long-awaited series with Norman Reedus like Daryl … Read more

Norman Reedus took his ‘The Walking Dead’ suit home on the last day

Throughout the 12 years of broadcast and 11 seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’, Daryl Dixon has undoubtedly been one of the most iconic characters in the series. His actor, Norman Reedus, has said goodbye with an emotional speech after having finished filming the last chapter of season 11 on March 31, 2022. “‘The Walking Dead’ … Read more

Norman Reedus defends Melissa McBride for leaving the spin-off of The Walking Dead | LevelUp

Editorial: Television / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram The Walking Dead is waiting for the last episodes of its final season to be released, and those responsible are already organizing for other projects within the zombie universe. One of them is the spin-off that would have Daryl and … Read more

Why Melissa McBride left the Daryl and Carol spin-off of “The Walking Dead”

Why will Carol not be in the spin-off of “The Walking Dead”? A piece of news shook social networks: Melissa McBride will not be part of the series about Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol, two of the most beloved and long-lived characters in fiction. the story, which just released its new chapterswill branch out into … Read more

The Walking Dead: What we suspected about Andrew Lincoln and his desire to return

Any fan who says that The Walking Dead is coming to an end is totally untrue, because the spin-offs and what’s coming for Rick Grimes gives continuity to the giant franchise. All of this wouldn’t be the same without Andrew Lincoln’s desire to don his cowboy outfit. April 18, 2022 3:31 p.m. Even before Game … Read more

The Walking Dead’s final trailer drops a character’s return

The Walking Dead He is already a few episodes away from ending his story. Twelve years separate us from the first time we came across this adaptation of the work of Robert Kirkman on television Although we already knew that the series was going to have its expanded universe with several more spin-offs and even … Read more