Darío Gómez was put in a coffin with a transparent lid for his wake

In the Yesid Santos volleyball arena, which is part of the Atanasio Girardot sports unit, in Medellín, the burning camera of popular music singer Darío Gómez. The sudden death of the renowned artist, who passed away on the night of Tuesday, July 26, has shocked his relatives, relatives, colleagues and fans, who will be able … Read more

Dua Lipa, in the wake of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande in her possible and rumored new project

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

The border between cinema and music is becoming more and more blurred for the great international stars who are following the example of many other women who dedicated themselves to both arts with notable success. Some of the most recent to walk that path have been Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande and the next one … Read more

Wake up America loses another talent? Dear driver would go to Mexico to make TELENOVELAS

Wake up America loses another talent Dear driver would go

One of the favorite and most popular Spanish-speaking programs is the morning “Wake up America”, which has given something to talk about in recent days due to possible layoffs. Although new drivers have joined the program, now comes to light the possible way out of a member, because according to the media “The opinion“, the … Read more

LAYOFFS in ‘Wake Up America’? They confirm the departure of a dear driver

LAYOFFS in Wake Up America They confirm the departure of

After 25 years of transmission, ‘Wake up America’ It has established itself as one of the most watched programs on Hispanic television, which continues to accompany its loyal viewers with entertainment and variety content. In recent weeks, this production has acquired new talent, such as Jessica Martinez and Jomari Goysobut unfortunately this seems to mean … Read more

Wake up America is in mourning: the husband of a beloved ex-host of the program dies

Wake up America is in mourning the husband of a

With great sadness in her heart, it was announced by the famous journalist of Honduran origin, who announced the death of her husband, after dealing with “fragile health” for 19 years. On a daily basis, the presenter Neida Sandoval continues to be one of the favorites within the morning of Univisión, for which her followers … Read more

Francisca Lachapel left more than one in shock while touching her belly in Wake up America

Francisca Lachapel left more than one in shock while touching

Francisca Lachapel shocked two of his colleagues from Despierta América saying a few words about a second pregnancy, just a few months after giving birth to little Gennaro. When they talked about the singer Greeicy’s pregnancy and how sensational she looks on the show, The Dominican stood up and touched her belly while saying “didn’t … Read more

IS AMERICA SAYING GOODBYE TO WAKE UP? Francisca makes an unexpected announcement that has everyone commenting: “You no longer like you on TV.” (PHOTO)


Isn’t Maity Interiano the only one to come out of Despierta América? Francisca Lachapel, do you decide to quit your driving career? Gennaro’s mother made a special announcement for her followers Francisca Lachapel is leaving Despierta América? Given the unexpected announcement that the host Maity Interiano will leave the broadcast morning, but not from Univisión, … Read more

“She is no longer going to wake up”: Carmen Salinas’s godson says the actress has “irreversible damage”

She is no longer going to wake up Carmen Salinass

The journalist Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of Carmen Salinas, revealed that neurologists have said that the stroke caused “irreversible damage” to the actress, which will probably prevent her from waking up again. “The stroke has irreversible damage, it was indeed in the brain stem, unfortunately what is the function of the body’s organism of … Read more

Is ‘La Vecindad del Chavo del 8’ back? No, it’s ‘Wake up America on Sunday’!

Is La Vecindad del Chavo del 8 back No its

‘Despierta América en Domingo’ recreates ‘The neighborhood of Chavo del 8’. Photo: Despierta América / Univision Is ‘La Vecindad del Chavo del 8’ back? Is not ‘Wake up America on Sunday’!… Is that to dawn on ‘Halloween Day’ the presenters of the show that returned the rating to the mornings of Hispanic television, they became … Read more