Laura Pausini breaks down crying in ‘La Voz’ after hearing a song of hers: “I’m afraid”

Laura Pausini breaks down crying in La Voz after hearing

Singer Laura Pausino It premiered this Friday as coach of The voice in an emotional program where couldn’t hold back the tears before one of the songs performed by Alba, a young contestant, in the blind auditions. The topic, Instead, don’twhich the Italian artist wrote in memory of her recently deceased grandmother, It was not … Read more

Jesús, the ‘band man’ who came to ‘La Voz Senior’ playing three instruments

Jesus the band man who came to La Voz Senior

Capture video Caracol Television Every night, the second edition of ‘The Senior Voice’ surprises viewers with the arrival of more seniors on the music scene, demonstrating the talent they have cultivated throughout their lives. The trainers Andres Cepeda, Kany Garcia and Nacho They are pleasantly impressed by the talent of each new contestant who arrives … Read more

La Voz Senior: father of a renowned chef conquered the program with his rock presentation

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The new season of the TV show the senius voicer has awakened the sensitivity of Colombians with the presence of elderly participants who have told emotional life stories. On the night of this Wednesday, September 21, the turn was for Enrique Cuéllar, father of the late chef Alejandro Cuéllar, who came to the auditions blind. … Read more

The participant of ‘La Voz Senior’ who moved with his story: music helps him against Parkinson’s

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

The Senior Voice kicked off a new season in 2022, opening the door for several aging talents looking to shine and make it big in music. Different participants managed to advance in the first chapters of the program, stealing the gaze of the faithful viewers who enjoy this kind of competition. Viewers were struck by … Read more

How much did the finalists of “La Voz Kids” earn? Received millions in prizes

How much did the finalists of La Voz Kids earn

Diana Estupiñán, from Andrés Cepeda’s team, was the big winner of this edition of “La Voz Kids 2022”. Photo: Courtesy Caracol Tv – Courtesy Caracol Tv With a gala full of emotion, music and feeling, the 2022 edition of “The voice Kids”which left as the winner Diana Estupinan of the Cepeda team, who disputed the … Read more

La Voz Argentina: the two finalists who go for glory were defined

La Voz Argentina the two finalists who go for glory

This Sunday, September 11, the two finalists of La Voz Argentina (Telefe) met. They are Ángela Navarro (Team Lali Espósito) and Yhosva Montoya (Team Soledad Pastorutti). Today, from 22, the winner will be defined with the presence of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry as guests. In third place was Iván Papetti (Team Mau and Ricky) … Read more

La Voz Argentina: the unexpected confession of Lali Espósito, in the musical number that she starred in with Natalia Oreiro and Soledad Pastorutti

La Voz Argentina the unexpected confession of Lali Esposito in

During Sunday night, phone delivered the long-awaited final The Argentine voice. The popular song cycle reached its decisive moment, in which there were numerous surprises that the public applauded with enthusiasm. And without a doubt, one of the most important instances was the one that had as protagonists Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastorutti Y Natalia Oreiro. … Read more

Voting in the final of “La Voz Kids 2022”: how to vote for my favorite team?

Voting in the final of La Voz Kids 2022 how

Andrés Cepeda, Kany García and Nacho will have a special mission in the final of “La Voz Kids 2022″. Photo: Courtesy Caracol Tv – Courtesy Caracol Tv Voting is now open for Colombians to choose their favorite finalist in “The voice Kids”. The trainers Andres Cepeda, Kany Garcia and Nacho in some vibrant semifinals they … Read more

De la oportunidad perdida con Matt Damon al día que se quedó sin voz: 56 hechos no tan recordados de Shakira

De la oportunidad perdida con Matt Damon al dia que

Shakira nació el 2 de febrero de 1977 en Barranquilla. 1. Su nombre es Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. Shakira en árabe significa “mujer llena de gracia” y para los hindúes es el nombre de la diosa de la luz. 2. Su papá William Mebarak era un joyero estadounidense de origen libanés radicado que a los … Read more

By popular vote, “La Voz Argentina” was left without its Uruguayan representatives

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Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. The Argentine Voice It has already entered its defining instances, the stage of live performances, and fewer … Read more