Chris Pratt talks about his voice acting for the next Mario movie

Chris Pratt says of his voice in Mario that it “will be unlike anything you’ve heard” in Mario before. Actor Chris Pratt opened up about his (rather controversial) role in the upcoming Super Mario Bros CGI movie, and told Variety that his take on the titular character will be “updated and unlike anything you’ve heard … Read more

These are the nicest voice actresses according to the Japanese — Kudasai

TV Magazinea digital magazine with information on live-action productions within the critics’ website TV Logpublished the ranking of most pleasant voice actresses, with Kana Hanazawa first, Tomoko Kaneda in second and Yukari Tamura third, according to a survey of 250 men and women between the ages of 10 and 50. Kana Hanazawa, who is ranked … Read more

Woman sang Gloria Trevi’s song outside her concert and they viralized it: “She sounds hurt, but from her voice”

Fan of Gloria Trevi cries in concert (Photo: Screenshot/Tiktok) Gloria Trevi has been characterized throughout his career by connecting with his audience through through the musicso much so that, on this occasion, a woman who attended the concert last June 4 that the interpreter gave in the Dome Care of Nuevo Leon went viral after … Read more

How does it feel to be the voice of Smithers and Chuck Norris? The voice actor Octavio Rojas tells it

There is no way not to be surprised by the gifts of Octavio Rojas. The Mexican dubbing actor has marked generations for personifying, for Latin America, the voices of endearing characters such as Smithers, from The Simpsons; Gallo Claudio, of the looney tunes; Doctor Draken, of Kim-Possible; Loving Lotso, from ToyStory; as well as most … Read more

Lightyear Director Explains Why Chris Evans Replaced Tim Allen As The Voice Of Buzz Lightyear

The director of Light year revealed why Chris Evans replaced Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the upcoming film. Since it was revealed that the avengers star would voice the famous Pixar character, fans wondered why Allen was no longer in the picture given he had been Buzz Lightyear in the toy … Read more

One Piece Film Red reveals the voice of ‘Shanks’ daughter’ with trailer — Kudasai

During a special transmission for the multimedia franchise of one piece a new promotional video for the film was revealed One Piece Film Redrevealing that the voice actress Nazuka Kaori will play the lead utawhile your singing voice will be provided by the singer ado. The video maintains the premiere scheduled for next August 6 … Read more

“Top Gun: Maverick”: what technology was used to generate the voice of Val Kilmer in the film

“Top Gun: Maverick” premiered a few days ago in theaters. (Paramount Pictures) It is one of the most emotional moments of Top Gun: Maverick which has just been released in theaters. The characters played by Tom Cruise Y Val Kilmerwho gave life to Pete Maverick Mitchell and Tom Iceman Kazansky, respectively, met again. Iceman (now … Read more

José Luccioni, French voice of Al Pacino, has died

José Luccioni, dubbing actor whose voice is well known to the general public, in particular for being that of Al Pacino in the French versions of his films since 1995, died on Thursday June 2 at the age of 72. An iconic atypical voice. José Luccioni, French voice of Al Pacino, died this Thursday, June … Read more

The most emotional scene of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’: This is how they managed to give voice to Val Kilmer in the sequel

The actor returns as Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky – his character in the 1980s film – in the new installment starring Tom Cruise. BEWARE, ‘SPOILERS’! The following news contains ‘spoilers’ of Top Gun: Maverick. Peter Mitchell has returned to TOPGUN fighter pilot academy more than 30 years later. The same ones that have happened since the … Read more

The modern miracle that gave Val Kilmer his voice back for “Top Gun: Maverik”

In 2014, Val Kilmer She felt a knot in the throat. Years later, he confirmed that it was a cancer that has now been defeated, but that almost cost him his life and whose consequences prevent him from speaking and eating solid food. It was at this difficult time in his life that actress and … Read more