VLA hosts talk about Shakira’s song, fans harass Flor Rubio

VLA hosts talk about Shakiras song fans harass Flor Rubio

A few hours ago, Shakira he stole all reflectors in the entertainment industry after releasing her new single in a collaboration with BZRPwhere she sent some strong messages addressed to her ex-husband, Pique and his current partner, Clara Chia. In the song, the 45-year-old Colombian threw several messages at the ex-soccer player Barcelona and his … Read more

What William Valdés said after his departure from VLA and that left Adela Micha with her mouth open

What William Valdes said after his departure from VLA and

(Photo: screenshot/Youtube) After last October 28, William Valdes will definitely leave come the joy, the reactions by users of social networks or some celebrities in the industry have not stopped. Thus, in the face of the wave of criticism and in the midst of the hurricane, the former presenter of the morning Aztec TV He … Read more

After being fired from Televisa and going bankrupt, a former member of ‘Hoy’ comes to TV Azteca, and ‘VLA’?

Mexico City.- After say goodbye to televisionto focus on theater, and be brokethe famous former member of the program Today and actress, courteous lolitacould again get to TV Azteca and join to come the joy? Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on our Google News page As is known, Cortés … Read more

Blow to ‘VLA’: Famous actor returns to Televisa and joins ‘Hoy’ with strong revelations

Blow to VLA Famous actor returns to Televisa and joins

Mexico City.- Recently in Televisa once again they gave him a hard hit to come the joybecause they received in the program Todayto the beloved Cuban actor, Francisco Gattornowhich gave strong revelations about wedding plans, after getting engaged live on said morning. Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on our … Read more

Blow to ‘VLA’: After 10 years on TV Azteca, famous actress comes to ‘Hoy’ and makes a strong confession

Blow to VLA After 10 years on TV Azteca famous

Mexico City.- The famous and renowned soap opera actress, michelle viethjust give it a Hard hit a come the joythen after 10 years in TV Aztecaleft them to go to Televisa and recently gave an interview to the program Todaywhere does strong confession. Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on … Read more

Goodbye Imagen TV: Famous presenter of ‘Sale el Sol’ betrays them with TV Azteca and would join ‘VLA’

Goodbye Imagen TV Famous presenter of Sale el Sol betrays

Mexico City.- Recently the famous presenter of the sun rises, Joseph MerchantI would tell you very soon goodbye to Image TV after long years of service, because the would betray TV Azteca with his producer Andres Tovarand would join come the joy. Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on our … Read more

VLA driver shares unpublished PHOTO; exhibits relationship with famous former president of Mexico

VLA driver shares unpublished PHOTO exhibits relationship with famous former

the followers of come the joy They were in complete shock after one of the most beloved drivers confessed that his family has a peculiar relationship with one of the former presidents of Mexico, news that did not go unnoticed by anyone. In full live broadcast, the show’s expert made it clear that his relatives … Read more

TV Azteca de luto: Exconductora de ‘Hoy’ llega a ‘VLA’ y en llanto da desgarrador mensaje

TV Azteca de luto Exconductora de Hoy llega a VLA

Ciudad de México.- TV Azteca nuevamente se viste de luto, por la lamentable pérdida de Marysol González, quien dejó Exatlón All Star con la muerte de su abuela, tras lo que Macky González, una famosa exconductora de Hoy, recientemente se unió a Venga la Alegría y rompió en llanto al dar un desgarrador mensaje en vivo a su … Read more

Golpe a Imagen TV: Tras dejar Televisa, Juan Soler renunciaría a ‘Sale el Sol’ para ¿irse a ‘VLA’?

Golpe a Imagen TV Tras dejar Televisa Juan Soler renunciaria

Ciudad de México.- Después de dejar Televisa para irse a Imagen TV, el famoso actor y conductor, Juan Soler, les daría un duro golpe, pues dicen que podría renunciar a Sale el Sol para unirse a otro importante proyecto en otra televisora, ¿a caso se irá a Venga la Alegría? Noticias Relacionadas Da clic aquí y descubre … Read more