“I aspire to make the public feel like they can fly.” Henry Cavill talks about the future of Superman and promises a brighter vision than that of ‘Man of Steel’

I aspire to make the public feel like they can

Perhaps, among all the barrage of superhero newsadaptations of comics and other sleepover stories that bombard us week after week, the great good news of this year 2022 —except for last minute surprises— has been the confirmation of the return of henry cavill a a Superman role he seems to have been born to play. … Read more

A spin-off is coming: What we know about the ‘Vision Quest’ series that Marvel Studios is preparing

A spin off is coming What we know about the Vision

It is already more than clear that the Marvel Studios He has quite a bit of work to do from here on out. The MCU has several projects planned at least until its phase 5 and the account continues… Now, the character of Vision will have his own series, which will be the first installment … Read more

The new Xiaomi TV Q2 Series go for it all: 4K, Dolby Vision IQ and 30W for the lowest price to date

The new Xiaomi TV Q2 Series go for it all

What a launch! We already have with us the new Xiaomi second-generation QLED (quantum dot matrix) technology televisions. Without the last name Mi, these Xiaomi TV Q2 are the successors of the gigantic Xiaomi MiTV Q1 and its two subsequent iterations under the family Xiaomi TV Q1E. And, as expected, they come loaded with news. If you were waiting to renew TV, this is the decisive moment.

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Mutek Argentina: “Buscamos compartir otra visión de la música electrónica”

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Desde su desembarco formal en Argentina en 2017, el festival MUTEK se instaló como cita obligada en el calendario anual de festivales porteños. Sinónimo de vanguardia y referente indiscutido en materia de creatividad digital, el evento nacido en Montréal brinda una plataforma clave para promover y explorar contenidos artísticos de gran alcance, al tiempo que … Read more

Doctor Strange 2: Will Paul Bettany return to Marvel As Vision?

WONDER Elizabeth Olsen will star in the film as Scarlet Witch. Check out the theories behind White Vision’s return to the superhero franchise. By Camila Lopez 03/30/2022 – 00:58 UTC 03/30/2022 – 00:58 UTC ©IMDBElizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany star in WandaVision. Since Spider-Man: No Coming Home featured, fans of wonder They are expecting a … Read more

‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ will not have season 2: the director of ‘Moon Knight’ confirms that Marvel is not preparing new chapters of ‘WandaVision’

1648220926 Scarlet Witch and Vision will not have season 2 the

With the imminent arrival of ‘Moon Knight’ to Disney + and the renewal of other series of Disney+the question of whether we will see new chapters of ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision‘… but it seems that Wanda Maximoff’s series will not have more seasons.

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Future DC movies will be driven by auteur vision, like The Batman | tomatoes

Future DC movies will be driven by auteur vision like

batman- 85%, Batman, that movie that is driving everyone crazy right now and that has filled the pockets of Warner Bros. like few have during the coronavirus pandemic. Through a new interview with dead line, the CEO of the company confirms that future DC projects will be influenced by the vision of their corresponding directors, … Read more

Conversamos con Ben Stiller: así ha cambiado su visión del mundo

1645955456 Conversamos con Ben Stiller asi ha cambiado su vision del

Algo pasa con Ben Stiller: 10 fotos que demuestran que es el mejor amigo de Hollywood Por qué la crítica odia ‘Zoolander’ y el público la ama Abrigo de Giorgio Armani; jersey de cuello alto de Hermès; vaqueros de AG. Mark Seliger Atraviesa la puerta y entra en el apartamento donde creció. El apartamento está … Read more

“Let’s dream, let’s not put any limitations.” ‘Dune’ Production Designer Explains Tricks That Made Denis Villeneuve’s Vision Possible Without Green Screen Abuse

Lets dream lets not put any limitations Dune Production Designer

More than two months have passed since the expected ‘Dune’ by Denis Villeneuve reached our cinemas, and there are still many of us who continue to hallucinate with his overwhelming audiovisual treatment and his impeccable sense of the spectacle. In fact, it is no coincidence that a reference of the stature of Christopher Nolan has praised, among other things, an integration of practical and visual effects at the forefront of the medium.

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Funny Chris Evans movie with other Marvel actors that will make you rethink your vision of love

Funny Chris Evans movie with other Marvel actors that will

Over the past decade, a group of young comedians have found their place in the industry and won the affection of the public forever. AND Chris Evans, after giving life to the Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was not excluded from the list. It is that with his performance in the superhero franchise, … Read more