Capitol Records Just Signed Virtual Artist FN Meka – Music Industry

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Capitol Records states that FN Mekawhich has over a billion views on tiktok, he is the number one “virtual being” on the video platform, as well as the world’s “first augmented reality artist” to be signed to a major label. His first single, Florida Watera collaboration with gunnaand the professional player of Fortnite, Clix, came … Read more

Blackpink’s first virtual concert in PUBG MOBILE breaks records

Blackpinks first virtual concert in PUBG MOBILE breaks records

The videogame PUBG-MOBILE held since last July 22 a series of concerts with K-pop stars, blackpink. Within this In-Game show where the song ‘Ready For Love’ was premiered, the world audience record was broken as the largest concert in a video game with more than 12,500,000 people. What you should know about Blackpink This female … Read more

Blackpink prepares for a virtual concert within a video game

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The countdown to the return of blackpink has already started, after they announced that the group would make its ‘comeback’ in August. New music and the biggest world tour of her entire career is what her fans are waiting for, since 2020 they haven’t heard anything from the South Koreans. To get ready, his followers … Read more

Omar Apollo Joins Camp McDonald’s Virtual Concerts; the singer remembers when he worked for the chain

Omar Apollo Joins Camp McDonalds Virtual Concerts the singer remembers

McDonald’s seeks to reduce plastic use in Happy Meal 0:53 (CNN Spanish) – In his teens, Omar Apollo began working at one of the McDonald’s chains in Indiana, in the United States, to generate money that would lead him to his dream: to make music, to be an artist. Five years later, the Mexican-American singer … Read more

How to watch BLACKPINK’s virtual concert in PUBG Mobile: date and streaming

How to watch BLACKPINKs virtual concert in PUBG Mobile date

The well-known K-pop group BLACKPINK will hold a concert in PUBG very soon, so we bring you all the information you need to know about the concert entitled “The Virtual” such as the dates and how to see it. Without a doubt, the concerts in the video game they are the best option if we … Read more

Attention blink! When and how to watch BLACKPINK’s virtual concert through PUBG Mobile

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Can you imagine your K-pop superstars in the world of gaming? We have already seen concerts of this style in games like Fortnite and League of Legends, now PUBG Mobile, one of the largest video games in the world, will offer its players a collaboration of BLACKPINK in a totally free virtual concertensuring a unique … Read more

Nicki Nicole will give a virtual concert in the metaverse

TECHNOLOGY The performance of the young Argentine singer will take place on Roblox, a platform that already has more than 55 million users who enjoy this type of immersive experience. Nicki Nicole I’ve hit the metaverse and the person in charge of creating and designing this virtual world has been wildbytesa Spanish startup. The metaverse … Read more

Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at a concert on his new tour

Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at

Paul MCCARTNEY he returned to the stage and did a duet with John Lennon, thanks to technology. Paul McCartney brought John Lennon to life at a concert on his new tour | Source: diffusion Paul MCCARTNEY he returned to concerts in a big way, and he had no better idea than to bring back his … Read more

NFTs: how they are transforming the virtual music collecting industry

NFTs how they are transforming the virtual music collecting industry

Xave World Metaverse aspires to be the largest stage in the metaverse (Credit: Xave Press) The concept of metaverse is still unknown to many: it is about a digital reality that is accessed through specific devices that allow interaction with other people. In that area are NFTs (for its acronym in English) a type of … Read more

Sound Test: Éditus premiered its virtual version of the concert ‘The heart of 200 years’

Sound Test Editus premiered its virtual version of the concert

Askatasuna, Cocofunka and Éditus. (File/Courtesy) The seventh chapter of Sound testthe program where Costa Rican music is the protagonist, presents the great production that Éditus made in its orchestral version to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Independence of Costa Rica. The heart of 200 years presented at the National Theater a selection of more … Read more