Vin Diesel behind the wheel of one of the most expensive cars in the world

F1 GP Austria 2022 schedule TV and where to watch

recommended So many years in the action movie industry, Vin Diesel developed a fanaticism for adrenaline and speed. That is why inside his garage, we found a car that is positioned among the most expensive in the world. Slide and find out more about this amazing machine! September 20, 2022 4:37 p.m. If it’s about … Read more

Fast & Furious 5: too proud, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson did not want to lose their fight

Fast Furious 5 too proud Vin Diesel and Dwayne

“Fast & Furious 5” marks the meeting between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson on screen. For their fight in Rio de Janeiro during which they fit into walls, the two actors ensured that there was no loser. Fast & Furious 5 : this is Brasil! After reuniting the original team in the fourth installment, Justin … Read more

Fast & Furious 4: why Vin Diesel did not want to return to the franchise? – CineSeries

Fast Furious 4 why Vin Diesel did not want

“Fast & Furious 4” marks the reunion between Dom Toretto and Brian O’Conner. An opus in which Vin Diesel agrees to participate even though he did not want a sequel for the first film in the franchise. Fast & Furious 4 : first family reunion Before Fast & Furious does not become the franchise of … Read more

Fast 10: Los Angeles residents want to ban the filming of Vin Diesel!

Fast 10 Los Angeles residents want to ban the filming

On 08/24/2022 at 11:32 By Eric Estrada Fast and Furious 10 threatens ? Will its release date in April 2023 be respected? Residents in Los Angeles protest the shooting. After losing its director as soon as filming started (Justin Lin left the saga following disagreements with Vin Diesel and was replaced by Frenchman Louis Leterrier), … Read more

Fast & Furious 10: photos of Vin Diesel in a tender moment on set

Fast Furious 10 photos of Vin Diesel in a

The filming of “Fast & Furious 10” is currently taking place in Rome. Vin Diesel finds Helen Mirren there, who takes over the role of Magdalene Shaw, the mother of the character played by Jason Statham. Present in the saga since Fast & Furious 8 in 2017, Helen Mirren will be in the cast of … Read more

How much money will Vin Diesel receive for the expected Fast and Furious 10

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Recently Variety produced a report where the (approximate) salaries of the stars are detailed for their new projects, whether they are films that are on the way or those that have just (or not yet) started their production jobs. Within this list appears Vin Diesel with the check that he will receive for the expected … Read more

Fast and Furious: curiosities of the saga starring Vin Diesel

Fast and Furious curiosities of the saga starring Vin Diesel

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 07.18.2022 13:22:10 Fast and furious has become one of the most famous and blockbuster sagas in the entertainment industry, it began as a street car racing tape and ended up becoming a saga of action, adventure and missions where Vin Diesel has been the leading man for 20 years. We … Read more

The Chronicles of Riddick: how Vin Diesel convinced Judi Dench to play in the film

The Chronicles of Riddick how Vin Diesel convinced Judi Dench

For “The Chronicles of Riddick”, Vin Diesel wanted at all costs that Judi Dench participate in the film. The actor was able to be convincing by offering in particular a rather imposing gift to the actress. Riddick, Vin Diesel’s other license Before The Chronicles of Riddick, the first meeting between the public and the character … Read more