Erich Remarque: Victim of Nazism and lover of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo

Erich Remarque Victim of Nazism and lover of Marlene Dietrich

Erich Remarque He was just 18 years old when he was drafted into the German army to be on the front lines of the war. First World War. The horrors and his experiences in the trenches of the first global conflict marked him for life. Years later, in 1929, he would write the emblematic novel … Read more

Leidyn Bernárdez the victim who denounced scam in Bad Bunny concert tickets

Leidyn Bernardez the victim who denounced scam in Bad Bunny

The model and influencer called Leidyn Bernardezthrough his Twitter account, denounced that he was a victim of fraud and fraud after buying tickets digitally for the concerts that Bad Bunny will perform this Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22 at the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo, in the framework of his “World’s … Read more

The mother of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim questions the series: ‘It didn’t happen like that’

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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story It has raised passions and hatred in equal parts. Still being one of the most successful series on Netflixthe facts stated have provoked a tide of criticism that have even forced the streaming platform to modify the labels by which the series is classified. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the … Read more

Dani Martín, victim of a robbery in full concert in Murcia

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The public knew it during his performance. Daniel Martin acted this saturday in the bullring of Murciawith a packed capacity, as part of his tour How expensive is time?. Although the singer and former vocalist of The crazy’s song he enjoyed the performance like a ‘dwarf’, an event clouded his nightas he himself told his … Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer: the tragic life of Tracy Edwards, the victim who escaped from the murderer portrayed by Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer the tragic life of Tracy Edwards the victim

The first chapter ofDahmer”, the biographical series premiered in Netflix on September 21, about the life of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmerbegins by explaining to us how the call came to an end ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ thanks to the fact that one of his possible victims was able to escape from him, denounce him and finally … Read more

The singer Gizzel Palacios was the victim of aggression during a concert

The singer Gizzel Palacios was the victim of aggression during

The singer Gizzel Palacios revealed that she was the victim of harassment and gender violence, from a man who attended an event to which she was invited to perform her songs. Taken from Instagram @gizzel_y_willy Gizzel Palacios is a popular music singer who recently revealed what happened when she was called to sing in a … Read more

Bill Murray, victim of a crypto theft: they take 182,000 euros in ether raised for charity

Bill Murray victim of a crypto theft they take

A new robbery has been committed in the universe of cryptocurrencies. On this occasion, the victim is none other than actor Bill Murray, known for films like The Ghostbusters Y Caught in time. Specifically, the thieves have seized the 119.2 ether (more than 182,000 euros) that the interpreter had raised at a charity auction for … Read more

Mandy Moore: pregnant with her second child, the actress of This Is Us victim of a rare health problem

Mandy Moore pregnant with her second child the actress of

On Friday July 29, 2022, Mandy Moore confided in an exclusive interview with Today magazine. While pregnant with her second child, she announced that she was suffering from an illness. Married since November 2018 with singer Taylor Goldsmith, Mandy Moore seems to be spinning the perfect love. In February 2021, the actress of This Is … Read more

Colombian actress was the victim of robbery in the middle of a Bud Bunny concert

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This weekend, Bad Bunny performed two consecutive concerts in Miami; events were held at Hard Rock Stadium. The artist, in the middle of his tour World’s Hottest Tourhas already visited his fans in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta. His concert was attended by thousands of followers, among them, several public figures, among whom were characters from … Read more

Carolina Gaitán was the victim of robbery, after leaving Bad Bunny’s concert in Miami

Carolina Gaitan was the victim of robbery after leaving Bad

Carolina Gaitán, Colombian actress and singer. Photo: Instagram @lagaita During the recent days, Carolina Gaitan took out a space in his agenda to go to the concert of the Puerto Rican bad bunny in Miami, United States. However, beyond enjoying the show that the urban singer provided, not all were good times for the actress … Read more