Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Vicente Fernández Jr. staged a heated discussion during a live program

Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Vicente Fernandez Jr staged a heated

In recent months, the entertainment journalist has been in the eye of the hurricane for his statements about Alfredo Adame, Joanna Vega-Biestro, Verónica Castro, Michelle Rubalcava, among others. (Photo: Getty Images // Instagram Photo: @vicentefdzjr9) Once again Gustavo Adolfo Infante is involved in the scandal due to a strong discussion that he carried out with … Read more

4 women with whom Vicente Fernández would have cheated on Doña Cuquita

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Dona Cuquita She was always happy with her husband and never cared what was said. Even a few days ago she gave a press conference within the framework of an altar that was inaugurated in honor of her deceased husband. There the reporters asked her some uncomfortable questions that she had no problem answering. Read … Read more

The favor that José Alfredo asked Vicente Fernández and that made him succeed in film and music

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Two of the great interpreters of the ranchera song were Vicente Fernandez Y Jose Alfredo Jimenezalthough neither of them is alive today, both left a legacy of songs and movies in which their talents are recognized and are now appreciated by the new generations. exactly in tiktoka social network used mostly by adolescents, a fragment … Read more

The controversies surrounding the Vicente Fernández series, the Mexican symbol

In the month of August he premiered the series “El Rey, Vicente Fernandez” in Netflix, one of the most popular streaming platform in the world. To date, the program has achieved great levels of success, ranking in the top 10 of the most popular series in various Latin American countries. Here is the story and … Read more

The King: similarities and differences between the Netflix series and the real life of Vicente Fernández

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Netflix The series centered on the Mexican musician who is popularly known as “Chente” premiered on Wednesday. By Federico Carestia 09/17/2022 – 03:19 UTC 09/17/2022 – 03:19 UTC © IMDbThe king, Vicente Fernandez. In 24 episodes, Netflix set out to tell the story of one of the most important musicians in Mexico: Vicente Fernandez. Just … Read more

Jaime Camil reveals details of his interpretation of Vicente Fernández in the series ‘El Rey’ – La Vibra

Jaime Camil reveals details of his interpretation of Vicente Fernandez

the mexican actor Jaime Camil spoke about his new artistic project ‘El Rey’, a series in which he played the role of singer Vicente Fernández. In an interview with Chiquibaby, from Telemundo’s ‘Hoy Día’ program, he said: “This project means everything. We are already on Netflix, you can now download the series and very soon … Read more

Jaime Camil explores the intimate side of Vicente Fernández inspired by his father

Jaime Camil explores the intimate side of Vicente Fernandez inspired

EFE/Sashenka Gutiérrez Away from the parodies and with a personal and human approach, the Mexican actor Jaime Camil plays Vicente Fernandez (1940-2021) in the bioseries The kingwhich premiered on Wednesday about the ranchera music icon, who reminded him of his father, according to an interview with Efe. «(Vicente had) many similarities with my father, who … Read more

Drake Bell said he was a fan of Vicente Fernández during his participation on the red carpet of “El Rey”: “Very excited”

Drake Bell said he was a fan of Vicente Fernandez

Drake Bell was on the red carpet of the Netflix series, The King: Vicente Fernández (Photo: Instagram/drakebell) On the occasion of the premiere of the bioseries of Netflix, The King, Vicente Fernandeza red carpet was organized where the main cast of this project and some special guests were, among which the American interpreter stood out … Read more

The series “El Rey, Vicente Fernández” premieres on Netflix, a portrait of the life of the Mexican idol

The series El Rey Vicente Fernandez premieres on Netflix a

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- A portrait of the life of the Mexican idol Vicente Fernández turned into the series ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’ premiered Wednesday on Netflix. Jaime Camil is now an expert in the way Vicente Fernández speaks and thinks. To prepare for his role in the series ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’, which debuted on Netflix … Read more