The amazing physical change of Bella Thorne since her first appearance on CSI Las Vegas

The amazing physical change of Bella Thorne since her first

The actress has left behind her Disney Channel teen look with which she became famous after turning incredibly popular on the Disney Channel alongside Zendaya thanks to the Shake It Up!, the paths of both actresses separated. Since then, Bella Thorne’s partner has had one success after another, while she disappeared for quite some time … Read more

Alejandra Guzmán reveals details of her residence in Las Vegas and her return to Los Angeles

Alejandra Guzman reveals details of her residence in Las Vegas

For Alejandra Guzmán, at this moment, the focus is on “Tuya”, a word that describes not only the title of her most recent single, but also the name of a tour that has already started in Mexico and will soon arrive in Mexico. United States, where he will debut with three consecutive concerts (November 16, … Read more

Adele reduces the capacity of her concerts in Las Vegas

Adele reduces the capacity of her concerts in Las Vegas

Adele credit:Bang Showbiz Adele’s next shows will have a more limited capacity than previously planned. And it is that the 34-year-old singer wants her next shows at Caesars Palace to be more “intimate.” A source close to the British performer explained: “Adele has revised her plan for the show and scaled it down. The production … Read more

Oh no: They cancel the first day of the ‘When We Were Young Festival’ in Las Vegas

Oh no They cancel the first day of the When

This Saturday, October 22, was a long-awaited date for all those who applied the “It’s not a phrase, mom” on more than one occasion, thanks to the fact that Today would start the first date of the ‘When We Were Young Festival’, an event that would bring together great bands like My Chemical Romance, paramore … Read more

Firm Group of Eduin Caz receives millionaire fine in Las Vegas

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Firm Group He broke it again after fulfilling another of his dreams, they appeared at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to celebrate on September 15 with thousands of Mexicans. The Independence of the country, the famous danced, sang and made the attendees have an unforgettable experience, but the happiness ended when they were asked … Read more

VIDEO: Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme ended his concert in Las Vegas very upset

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the mexican vocalist Eduin Caz Y Firm Group They fulfilled another of their dreams by appearing in an important venue in the City of Las Vegas, the group created in Tijuana, Mexico, which delighted more than 65 thousand people who gathered at that place to dance, sing and even drink. some drinks. Everything seemed to … Read more

La Trevi will give ‘El Grito’ in Las Vegas before arriving in Los Angeles

La Trevi will give El Grito in Las Vegas before scaled

Tonight, Gloria Trevi will be performing at the Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas, and will take advantage of the occasion to give ‘el Grito’ with which the Mexican Independence Day is commemorated annually. Immediately after, she will arrive on our shores, because, this Saturday, it is her turn to take the stage of the … Read more

Las Vegas 2: the concert hall that brought the Ramones to a town in Burgos is today a supermarket

Las Vegas 2 the concert hall that brought the Ramones

The merchants have occupied the musical temple of Melgar de Fernamental (Burgos). Shoppers with carts replace the masses huddled together to listen to the Ramones and the fishmonger occupies the former stage where motorhead he blew up the nights on those tours of the 90s where he only stopped at three points in Spain: Madrid, … Read more

The exclusive and ‘expensive’ villa where Adele will stay during her residence in Las Vegas

The exclusive and expensive villa where Adele will stay during

Adele credit:Bang Showbiz Adele will live in a $35,500-a-night suite in Las Vegas during her upcoming concert residency, held at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The singer has been given luxurious accommodation at the Villa Nobu – part of the Hotel Nobu – for free, but which would normally cost her up to $3.2 million … Read more