‘Hidden Youth’ Turns 35: When Joel Schumacher Made Vampires Sexy Again

Hidden Youth Turns 35 When Joel Schumacher Made Vampires

The ’80s were good for vampire movies. They came from being cornered by the new terror trends of the 70s, where the old Central European count with a starched coat and old-fashioned customs was unable to face the new cinema that took over screens around the world. Between the expressionist realism of The Exorcist of … Read more

Review of “Day Shift”, Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg against the vampires | WritingCinema

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Saturday, August 20, 2022 Jamie Foxx, who won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles, composes a peculiar action hero named Bud, who seems to have come out of the last century. He drives a beat-up Ford truck, uses his trade as a front pool cleaner, has flashy muscles, and has debt problems with his ex-wife … Read more

From the courts to the stage: Johnny Depp announces tour with his band Hollywood Vampires (the concerts and his time in Europe)

From the courts to the stage Johnny Depp announces tour

The band published the poster for this series of concerts on their social networks to inform their followers that the Hollywood Vampires “are back” to the stage after canceling a tour in March due to the pandemic. On this occasion, they will visit the German cities of Oberhausen (June 20), Munich (June 24), Hamburg (June … Read more

“Hollywood Vampires”, the rock band where Johnny Depp follows his true passion: Music

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor always dreamed of being a great guitarist and singer, but although his fame grew in movies, he never gave up his passion for music. the fame of Johnny Depp grew in recent months after starring in the defamation trial more media than Hollywood against his ex-wife Amber Heardwhich in … Read more

3 Korean Horror Dramas About Vampires To Watch During Halloween Season

3 Korean Horror Dramas About Vampires To Watch During Halloween

What horror dramas to watch in October? One of the favorite times of the year has already begun, the month of Halloween is perfect to enjoy a marathon of horror series and movies on Netflix, YouTube, Viki, Disney Plus, HBO Max, among other streaming services. With the phenomenon of “Squid Game”, Korean entertainment has caught … Read more

Loki would have made a small introduction of Marvel vampires to the MCU | Tomatazos

1629107498 Loki would have made a small introduction of Marvel vampires

In the midst of the controversy generated by the fall at the box office of Black Widow – 87%So far the original Disney Plus and Marvel series have been significant in terms of reception. It is true that there has been a lot of conversation around them, seen from a positive and a negative side. … Read more

Terrifying Netflix hit combines vampires, maternal love and a plane hijack | Television | Entertainment

1627722929 Terrifying Netflix hit combines vampires maternal love and a plane

The horror film ‘Blood Red Sky’ (‘Blood Red Sky’) has led the ‘top ten’ of the platform for several days this week. July 30, 2021 – 10:29 am Extreme situations seem much more distressing if they occur within a confined space, compressed and without escape routes, which allows a script to take its protagonists to … Read more

‘Blood red sky’: an acceptable Netflix movie that doesn’t live up to its appetizing premise of action and vampires on a plane

1626967905 Blood red sky an acceptable Netflix movie that doesnt live

The premise of ‘Blood Red Sky’ Netflix sounds very interesting on paper. A German horror film about a woman with “a mysterious illness” who is forced to act when a group of terrorists tries to hijack a night transatlantic flight. To protect his son he will have to reveal a dark secret, and unleash his inner monster, which has been a vampire. Promises an odyssey during a night trip full of blood and action.

However, Peter Thorwarth, director of the famous’Wave‘(The Wave, 2008), does not quite get the most out of the proposal and seems to be dodging some key points so that a work with a limited concept manages to create the necessary traction to reach the goal without staggering. The idea is a kind of hybrid betweenPassenger 57’ (Passenger 57, 1992) and the end of30 days of darkness‘(30 Days of Night, 2007), an action thriller in the sky to which we have added a touch of fantasy and horror, without necessarily pulling the humor of’ Serpents on the plane ‘(2007).

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