What happened to the cast of ‘Clueless’ 27 years after its premiere? Cher looks unrecognizable

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Paul Rudd, Josh in ‘Clueless’ Paul Rudd (whom you can also see on ’40-year-old virgin’ on ViX+, ViX’s premium streaming service) He is one of the members of the cast of ‘Clueless’ who achieved the most fame in his career as an actor. Suffice it to say that he joined the Marvel universe, he has … Read more

Unrecognizable: this is what Bridget Fonda looks like, the Hollywood star who left the cinema 20 years ago

Unrecognizable this is what Bridget Fonda looks like the Hollywood

The actress, one of the greatest beauties of cinema in the 90s, was photographed again in Los Angeles, United States. Bridget Fondaone of the beauties of the hollywood film industryretired from acting in 2002 after working in hit movies What JackieBrown (Quentin Tarantino). But today it is news again because it was photographed again and … Read more

What happened to Brendan Fraser, the funny actor from The Mummy who is unrecognizable today

What happened to Brendan Fraser the funny actor from The

Brendan James Fraser He was born in Indiana, United States, in 1968, although during his early years he was living in different countries in Europe and America due to the constant transfers of his parents. Little Fraser fell in love with the acting world when he first attended a professional theater show in London’s West … Read more

Maria Shriver disfigured: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife unrecognizable in natural photos

Maria Shriver disfigured Arnold Schwarzeneggers ex wife unrecognizable in natural photos

The pictures shocked fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex. Maria Shriver was photographed in Los Angeles. Her natural face is unrecognizable. It’s a cliché that sends shivers down your spine.Maria Shriver was photographed last week on a walk in Los Angeles. Dressed in a white t-shirt and leggings, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife literally shocked her fans. The … Read more

Gloria Trevi’s face looks unrecognizable

Gloria Trevi is one of the artists plus controversial of the mexican music scene. He was born on February 15 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico and since he was in high school he showed his interest in American and British rock music, his greatest influences being groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Deep Purple … Read more

Unrecognizable! This is what Christian Bale looked like when he gained weight for American Hustle

Unrecognizable This is what Christian Bale looked like when he

The actor Christian bale he really puts himself in the shoes of the characters he plays no matter what that means. Throughout her career she has changed her appearance several times, becoming extremely thin and gaining weight. weightwithout thinking about the consequences that this can bring. One of his most amazing transformations was for the … Read more

Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and an unrecognizable Nicole Kidman star in this devastating and hopeful existential drama available on HBO Max

Meryl Streep Julianne Moore and an unrecognizable Nicole Kidman star

Virginia Woolf said: “Life is a dream, waking up is what kills us” and that seems to torment the three protagonists of ‘The hours’adaptation of Michael Cunningham’s book and probably Stephen Daldry’s Roundest Movie (‘the reader’). You have it available in hbo max.

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Furiosa: after Chris Hemsworth, Anya Taylor-Joy is unrecognizable in the prequel to Mad Max Fury Road (photos)

Furiosa after Chris Hemsworth Anya Taylor Joy is unrecognizable in the

Seven years after the shock Mad Max: Fury Roadwe are still eagerly awaiting the release of Furioasathe prequel to the film centered on the character played by Charlize Theron. A highly anticipated film We’re not arresting George Miller anymore. At 77, the father of madmax continues to surprise its audience. After marveling the Croisette at … Read more

Unrecognizable is not enough, this is what Sebastian Stan looks like for his new film A Different Man

This week came the first preview of The Whalethe movie that takes you back to brendan fraser. The image surprised by the physical change of the actor, who had to gain weight for the character he plays in this film of Darren Aronofsky. Now comes another radical change and it comes from the hand of … Read more

Unrecognizable! This is what Brendan Fraser looks like with almost 300 kilos of weight

Unrecognizable This is what Brendan Fraser looks like with almost

During the 90’s brendan fraser He was one of the actors with the most projection in Hollywood, going from being an almost unknown actor in films like Love is a cruel game (1991) and The man from California (1992), to jump to world fame with The mummy (1999 ), a film that would bring him … Read more