Unmissable details of Black Adam: duration, premiere, the villain and more…

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Black Adam is less than a month away from release. Thus, these are some details of what could be the rebirth of the DC Extended Universe. Black Adam, the next DC movie will serve as a security point in the midst of the crisis that the Extended Universe is experiencing. Off screen, the company is … Read more

The unmissable Netflix movie based on true events about the tallest man in the world

To see one movie knowing that you are based on real events It completely changes the viewer’s perspective. Above all, when it seems like a fictitious story far removed from our daily lives, and in reality it is inspired by the life of the tallest man in the world of the 19th century. This is … Read more

The unmissable Netflix detective movie: a thriller that lasts 1 hour and a half

The unmissable Netflix detective movie a thriller that lasts 1.webp

This production was recently released and has already climbed to the top positions among the most viewed on the platform. Netflix continues to launch new productions that a few hours after its premiere they become all the rage on the platform of series and movies. This is the case … Read more

The MOST VIEWED movie on NETFLIX: the unmissable romantic drama – TyC Sports

1663551494 The MOST VIEWED movie on NETFLIX the unmissable romantic drama.webp

This production was recently added to the platform’s catalog and leads the ranking of the most viewed. Netflix does not stop launching new productions that quickly sweep the streaming platform and become a trend among users, as happened with Breathlessa romantic drama film that, although it was just released, … Read more

The unmissable miniseries of Korean drug traffickers that breaks records on Netflix

The unmissable miniseries of Korean drug traffickers that breaks records.webp

General interest TV The series and movie platform continues to add new productions that quickly become all the rage. 09/17/2022 11:38 am Netflix is in a great 2022 in which many of its new releases quickly become all the rage among platform users. This … Read more

HBO Max: the unmissable thriller only suitable for the brave

Since it came to light hbo max became one of the audience’s favorite streaming platforms. This is because it has some of the most acclaimed series in recent years, and also films that have surprised the audience during its launch. On this occasion, we have chosen a production that drinks from many genres. Although it … Read more

Ben Affleck: the 6 unmissable films of Jennifer Lopez’s husband

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Written in CINEMA / STREAMING the 9/4/2022 6:00 p.m. Ben Affleck He has a solid career not only as an actor, but also as a director, producer, and even a screenwriter. In fact, the two Oscars that he has are not for his performances. One is as a producer of “Argo” (2012), a film in … Read more

An unmissable list: the 10 best Zendaya productions according to IMDb

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This Thursday, September 1, Zendaya will be 26 years old. The American actress has an interesting career both in the world of cinema and on television. In that sense, she is mainly recognized for her role as MJ in Spider-Man, in addition to starring in the Euphoria series. In her career, she has won an … Read more

The miniseries on Netflix that lasts 5 hours and is unmissable: a sensational drama

The miniseries on Netflix that lasts 5 hours and is.webp

This production is the third most viewed in the catalog, after it was released just days ago. Netflix does not stop adding new series or movies to its catalog that in a matter of hours become all the rage on the platform, as is the case with echoeswhich is … Read more

The unmissable documentary on the life of George Michael and where to watch it

George Michael: Freedom Uncut is a autobiographical film and deeply personal showcasing the music megastar’s private and public life. It takes you to know all the nuances of the singer and reveals moments that have never been told. The most interesting of this documentary film is that the very george michael was involved in the … Read more