“The worst concert of my life”, Marc Anthony unleashes controversy on social networks after his show in Madrid

The worst concert of my life Marc Anthony unleashes controversy

The line that separates illusion and despair is very fine, and yesterday we experienced it with the “bad organization” of the Show of Marc Anthony in the capital. What seemed like for many fans of the artist was going to be one of the best moments of his life (in reference to the musical), It … Read more

William Levy unleashes madness in Madrid with his smile and sympathy

MADRID William Levy is one of the most followed and admired celebrities of the moment thanks to his role in the Colombian telenovela ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, which has become a real hit with the public since its premiere a few months ago on Netflix. To thank the immense affection that he has received … Read more

Wanda unleashes all her power and fury in the new trailer for Doctor Strange 2

Wanda unleashes all her power and fury in the new

Every time less to go for what Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hit theaters. the expected first film of 2022 from Marvel Studios has fans eager to see the new adventure of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) whose axis is the multiverse. To continue fueling the flame of hype, a new spot for the … Read more

“Stop it, you’re bored”: The transformation of the “Princess of Latin Pop” unleashes comments

Stop it youre bored The transformation of the Princess of

Belinda reinvents herself with a new look and fans ask her to stop | Instagram Belinda She is one of the greatest exponents of “Latin Pop” and always tries to keep herself in constant evolution, which also applies to her image. A new change of look sparked unexpected opinions. Lakeantante Belinda He reappears in a … Read more

Ómicron unleashes hysteria by reselling tickets for shows and concerts

Omicron unleashes hysteria by reselling tickets for shows and concerts

If you are looking “I sell tickets” On Twitter, you will find that the blue bird network, in addition to Instagram, has become a marketplace for concert and show tickets. Since last Wednesday’s concert for Dani Martin in Madrid until Pablo Lopez On Tuesday in Barcelona, ​​either out of fear or contagion, ómicron has made … Read more

A popular Argentine singer unleashes controversy by driving in a luxurious sports car without license plates (VIDEO)

A popular Argentine singer unleashes controversy by driving in a

Published: 20 nov 2021 09:18 GMT The incident took place under the watchful eye of the authorities, who did not try to prevent the incident despite being a clear violation of traffic laws. The Argentinean cumbia singer Elian Valenzuela – better known as L-Gante – stars in a new controversy in his country, after being … Read more

There is a shot! Carlos Ballarta’s criticism of Chespirito unleashes the best MEMES

There is a shot Carlos Ballartas criticism of Chespirito unleashes

Social media was filled with memes after Carlos Ballarta will launch against Roberto Gómez Bolaños ‘Chepirito’ and he will assure that it is one of the worst things that has happened to Mexican comedy ”. In an interview for the YouTube channel ‘Extended Version with Tenoch Huerta ‘, the standup stated that he does not … Read more

Lili Estefan opens her skirt, shows her legs and unleashes herself dancing with Rodner Figueroa from Mexico

Lili Estefan opens her skirt shows her legs and unleashes

Lili Estefan did not hesitate to show off her long and perfect legs .. Foto: John Parra. / Getty Images If there is someone who knows how to pass a bomb and does not hide for a second his immense and perfect smile, that is the driver of The fat and the skinny, Lili Estefan. … Read more

A man dressed as Michael Myers unleashes a panic on a beach and is arrested

1631791395 A man dressed as Michael Myers unleashes a panic on

The Halloween night 1978 is a horror movie classic with millions of fans around the world. That is why, now, at the gates of the premiere of the new film of the horror franchise of this story that has Michael Myers As the main character, fans are excited to count down the days to see … Read more

‘Infiel’, the new Turkish series of Antena 3, unleashes fan fever and asks for more days of broadcast

1631780318 Infiel the new Turkish series of Antena 3 unleashes fan

Fiction has been the most watched content on free-to-air television last Sunday. Turkish fiction continues to enamor viewers in Spain. After the success of titles such as Woman, My daughter and Love is in the air, the new series that has come stomping is Infiel. The Ottoman drama premiered last Sunday, September 5, on Antena … Read more