The film that was banned in the United States and is already on Netflix

The film that was banned in the United States and

The film has a 50% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes. (Universal Pictures) Throughout the history of cinema there have been films that have had to be modified or their release postponed because some situation in the history of the film is uncomfortable and sensitive, such was the case of spider-man in 2001, which had to … Read more

It’s on Netflix: the horror movie that opened a crack in Hollywood and was suspended in the United States

Its on Netflix the horror movie that opened a crack

Today it ranks fourth among the Most viewed movies from Argentina on Netflix, but was suspended in the United States, after its premiere in 2020. The horror film, which caused a rift between Hollywood actors, is a great success in several countries, such as England and Spain. The hunting (The Hunt) was released in the … Read more

The millionaire purchase of Luis Miguel that shakes Mexico and the United States

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

Luis Miguel, an outstanding world figure who conquers thousands of hearts with his music, also draws attention for his exclusive collection of cars, among which the most striking and ostentatious one that you will love to meet stands out. We show you… October 01, 2022 2:22 p.m. Luis Miguel, the unforgettable “Sun of Mexico”, is … Read more

The millionaire purchase of Denzel Washington that shakes the entire United States

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

Denzel Washington made a millionaire purchase that ended up shaking everyone by becoming viral. We show you below… September 26, 2022 8:09 p.m. Denzel Washington He became a reference for the world of Hollywood cinema, standing out in various action and suspense films, winning the Oscar in productions such as “Times of Glory” and “Training … Read more

“Don’t Worry Darling”, “The Woman King” and “Avatar” are the most watched movies in the United States

Dont Worry Darling The Woman King and Avatar are the

“Don’t Worry Darling,” Olivia Wilde’s dystopian thriller whose production was marred by rumors and whose release wasn’t really applauded by critics, got off to a good start at the United States box office and Canada, placing first this weekend. LOOK: The story behind the series ‘Dahmer’: the lurid narrative of the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer … Read more

The emotional meeting between Karol G and Catherine Siachoque at a concert in the United States

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

Karol G has no brake and he showed it with the recent tour that began in the United States, weeks ago. The paisa singer surprised with her new project, called Strip Love Tourwho visited several cities in the United States to make his followers sing all the hits he released throughout his artistic career. In … Read more

This film with Tom Cruise, which flopped in the United States in 2017 but is currently a hit on Netflix, finally changed the life of the Top Gun actor

This film with Tom Cruise which flopped in the United

2022 is the year of Tom Cruise. Here we are at the end of a summer dominated by the small giant of the cinema, Tom Cruise. Top Gun: Maverick which single-handedly drew crowds to movie theaters around the world. But it took a nadir to get there. Cruise has worn movies his entire professional life, … Read more

Mikel Erentxun: «It is an important leap: twenty-five concerts in the United States and several in Mexico»

Mikel Erentxun It is an important leap twenty five concerts in

«This is going to be the great culmination of friends on duty» On September 23, in Riverside (California), Erentxun will kick off an impressive tour of the United States and Mexico, hand in hand with his album friends on duty with whom he is recalling his thirty-five years of career. It is not his first … Read more

Cordillera Festival: iconic bands, competing companies and the public, all united by a party in Spanish

Cordillera Festival iconic bands competing companies and the public all

Marciano Cantero, leader of Enanitos Verdes, a band from the eighties era of rock in Spanish that could have fit into this broad celebration of Latin American sounds called Festival Cordillera, has died. It would not be forgiven, because if any of the 44 bands, most of them well-known, others emerging and others nascent, did … Read more