Oswaldo ‘Walo’ Silvas, singer of Banda MS, undergoes bariatric surgery

1634168733 Oswaldo Walo Silvas singer of Banda MS undergoes bariatric surgery

The singer Oswaldo ‘Walo’ Silvas seems to have made an important decision. After years of being overweight, the performer of Banda MS finally he opted to undergo bariatric surgery to improve his health and, incidentally, completely change his image. Despite having undergone a rigorous diet and exercise plan, apparently, the singer did not obtain the … Read more

Vicente Fernández, who is still hospitalized, undergoes a tracheostomy | People | Entertainment

Vicente Fernandez who is still hospitalized undergoes a tracheostomy

The 81-year-old singer of ranchero music gradually regains mobility in his arms and legs. You are weak but awake while receiving medical treatment. Agencies August 16, 2021 – 12:37 p.m. The world of entertainment and its followers are attentive to the evolution of the clinical picture of the icon of ranchera music Vicente Fernández. After … Read more

Magaby from Pequeños Gigantes turns 21, undergoes a radical transformation and looks unrecognizable

Magaby from Pequenos Gigantes turns 21 undergoes a radical transformation

Valeria Contreras N.August 9, 2021 – 10:25 The young woman unleashed a wave of compliments for her physical change and for showing off her tiny waist Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add Magaby Garay He was only ten years old when he was part of the first season … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix undergoes a body transformation for a new role

Joaquin Phoenix undergoes a body transformation for a new role

Joaquin Phoenix has undergone a pretty impressive transformation for his last role. the Joker The star is well known for going out of her way to get into character and isn’t shy about changing her look if the role demands it. Phoenix already lost 23 kg (52 lbs) to play Arthur Fleck in 2019 and … Read more