“I’m afraid you’re just not it”: Tom Hardy Was Heartbroken After Getting Rejected for Being ‘Ugly’ in Movie That Landed Keira Knightley an Oscar Nomination – FandomWire

Im afraid youre just not it Tom Hardy Was Heartbroken

Tom Hardy has been a successful performer over the years. He is widely known for his striking looks and cerebral performances in mainstream blockbusters. Besides his idiosyncratic personality, the actor is also known for playing dark movie characters. He portrayed characters like the tormented fighter in Warrior and the supervillain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. … Read more

Ugly Betty: What will the series that Amazon revives 25 years after the original be about

Ugly Betty What will the series that Amazon revives 25

“I am Ugly Betty” returns as “Ugly Betty” on Amazon Prime Video, for a second season 20 years after the events at Ecomoda that linked Betty and Armando for the first time. What will the story be about? There are some clues that have been released about the television series, which will premiere in 2024. … Read more

The incredible physical change of Kevin Sussman for Ugly Betty, before The Big Bang Theory

The incredible physical change of Kevin Sussman for Ugly Betty

Unlike many of his The Big Bang Theory co-stars, Kevin Sussman was a late developmenter as an actor. After several jobs, the star managed to get his first successful role years before in the Ugly Betty series, sporting an incredible physical change. June 10, 2023 5:45 p.m. Between the fall of 2007 and the spring … Read more

Opinion: Uproar over Meg Ryan’s appearance makes us all look ugly

Opinion Uproar over Meg Ryans appearance makes us all look

Sometimes it’s hard being a woman. Take, for example, Meg Ryan’s recent appearance at one of the documentary’s premieres. Stillof Michael J Fox. Ryan, as you may recall, was a mainstay of rom-coms in the ’80s and ’90s, and though she’s worked ever since, she’s kept out of the spotlight today. However, she recently attended … Read more

Ask for help: the desperation of the actor of “I am Betty, the ugly” who is looking for a job at the age of 81

Ask for help the desperation of the actor of I

The Colombian telenovela “I am Betty, the ugly one” It is one of the most important television phenomena of the last decades. The series remains current and, just as in its best times, it is one of the most viewed despite the years. However, not everything has been happiness for the cast of the program … Read more

Ugly Betty: the impressive physical transformation of Aura María 22 years after the premiere

Ugly Betty the impressive physical transformation of Aura Maria 22

More than 20 years have passed since the premiere of the popular telenovela “Ugly Betty”, the one that was a great success not only in its country of origin -Colombia-, but that went around all of Latin America attracting fans and followers of the “barracks” and Ecomoda. It even came to have its own adaptations … Read more

Audrey Hepburn: 30 years after the death of the ugly duckling that conquered Hollywood

1674215172 Audrey Hepburn 30 years after the death of the ugly

>THE NATION>shows>Characters January 20, 202306:00 Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of the strangest of the movie stars of what we now call “classic Hollywood.” “Today we call” because, strictly speaking, the fifties are already those of the most modern cinema, closest in terms of form and themes to the one that continues … Read more

It makes them ugly: Tim Burton explained why he will not work with Disney again

It makes them ugly Tim Burton explained why he will

Well they say out there that “never say Never”but it seems that Tim Burton is very clear about his conviction about getting back to work with Disney. And in that sense, everything indicates that the renowned filmmaker does not want to do it again. This was revealed in a series of statements during a press … Read more

Nicolás Cabré had a violent reaction towards a famous journalist: “It was so ugly…”

Friday, October 7, 2022 19:00 those who know Nicholas Cabre They know that over time their way of being changed and that was due to how it evolved in their personal life. In the beginning he was very surly with the media, his own co-workers and on more than one occasion he made a self-criticism. … Read more

“Why are you so ugly?” Francisca Lachapel was asked and the one from Despierta América answered politely

Why are you so ugly Francisca Lachapel was asked and

Francesca Lachapel. Photo: Wake up America / Univision Francesca Lachapel opened the question and answer section on Instagram, where someone asked him an offensive question: “Why are you so ugly?”, they told them. And as if this were not enough, the network user added: “For God’s sake, ugly with lame * is!”. The host of … Read more