Turkish actress Cansu Dere reappears and explains the surprising reason behind her disappearance

Turkish actress Cansu Dere reappears and explains the surprising reason

Cansu Dere, the renowned Turkish actress thanks to thean incarnation of popular characters in Middle Eastern novels, was part of fakenews that claimed his death at the same time as the earthquakes that shook Turkey about a month ago. Without concrete answers, fans demonstrated on social networks, beginning to echo the situation, some with messages … Read more

Sahmaran: 4 facts about the amazing Turkish fantasy drama series that is all the rage on Netflix

Sahmaran 4 facts about the amazing Turkish fantasy drama series

Films, series and soap operas from Turkey have found a very loyal audience in Latin America, so it is not surprising that platforms like Netflix add more and more productions from that country to their catalogue. An example of this were the premieres of A safe place, The Uysal family, my other self Y Midnight … Read more

“If I had known”: the series with a Turkish signature that already revolutionized Netflix

Turkish plots have undoubtedly revolutionized not only television channels, but also digital platforms. A clear example of this is the series “if i had known” and “Mi Otra Yo”, which are already part of the top 10 on Netflix. Although “Mi Otra Yo” has a message a little more dedicated to reflection and friendship, “if … Read more

‘Turkish passion’: sex, crimes and antiquities trafficking in the new Antena 3 series

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

Long before we met Dr. Asya and her ex-husband Volkan in Unfaithfulto the protagonists of innocent, bitter land, The Ambassador’s Daughter either, more recently, Family secrets, the Andalusian writer Anthony Gala He already found, back in the early nineties, with the formula that would end up, many years later, being a worldwide success. In 1993, … Read more

The premiere of ‘In the heart of the city’, the new series by the Turkish heartthrob Kerem Bürsin

The premiere of In the heart of the city the

Kerem Bursin came into our lives and conquered us giving life to Serkan Bolat in love is in the air, starring in a beautiful love story both on and off screen with his co-star Hande Erçel. The chemistry that the couple transmitted made the series become a worldwide phenomenon, and that fans have followed in … Read more

How many episodes does ‘Family Secrets’ have, the new Turkish series on Antena 3?

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

After Bitter Land, Unfaithful, Brothers either My daughter Antenna 3 bet again on the turkish soap operas and from now on he adds another fiction to his grill, Family secrets. This Ottoman series, which premiered for the first time in Spain on the same channel on October 9, obtained great audience figures with 15.5% of … Read more

Antena 3’s bread for ‘Family Secrets’, the Turkish series that will take over from ‘Infiel’

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Antena 3 returns to the charge with the turkish series. The main chain of Atresmedia has found in the Ottoman fictions its goose that lays the golden eggs and is not willing to miss the opportunity to get as much juice as possible from them. For this reason, even before the end of the telenovela … Read more

“I’m already hooked”: ‘Family secrets’, the new Turkish series from Antena 3, arrives stomping

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After the incursion of series like My daughter, Woman or the current audience success of bitter landleader of its time slot on Spanish television, Antenna 3 has once again bet on its grill for a Turkish fiction with Family secretswhich premiered on the night of Sunday, October 9, at 10:00 p.m., as a prelude to … Read more

Family Secrets: How many episodes does the new Turkish series from Antena 3 have?

Family Secrets How many episodes does the new Turkish series

Turkish series are on the rise, and Atresmedia knows it. For this reason, and before the imminent end of one of his great audiovisual bets, Unfaithfulthe chain already has everything ready so that its viewers continue to enjoy Sunday nights as always. Yes, this time they will from the hand of Family secrets. Sold to … Read more

‘Between love and hate’: all about Divinity’s new Turkish series

Thin and thorny is the line that separates love from hate. Relationships are based on it, which begin with a passionate infatuation and end in resentment, and others, in which mutual animosity culminates over time in reciprocal love. Between love, forgiveness and thirst for revenge, Ali, a man serving a sentence for a crime he … Read more