Corrective Measures, one of Bruce Willis’ last films, now streaming on Tubi

Diehard fans of action movie legend Bruce Willis can feast on the megawatt star in this action-packed sci-fi thriller Corrective actions on the Tubi streaming service. Based on the Grant Chastain graphic novel of the same name, Willis stars as Julius “The Lobe” Loeb, an evil genius sitting on an untraceable fortune. In March, the … Read more

Corrective Actions First Look Teams Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker in Tubi Original Movie Event

Every once in a while an unexpected cinematic pairing happens that leaves you wondering where they’ve been your whole life. Well, today is the time, with action icon Bruce Willis and guardians of the galaxy Michael Rooker star to team up for comic book series adaptation Corrective actions, which will be released on Tubi in … Read more