Chyno Miranda: the true state of health of the singer according to his family

Chyno Miranda the true state of health of the singer

A few weeks ago, it caused great concern to learn that the singer Chyno Miranda He was experiencing serious health problems, after being infected with COVID-19. Various colleagues from the entertainment industry asked to pray for the artist. One of them was his partner in the duo Chino y Nacho, who showed his concern throught … Read more

The hard moment that Jack Nicholson lived when he found out about his true past

Jack Nicholson He will go down in history as one of the greatest American actors. For seven decades, the New Jersey-born actor has dominated the big screen, with fearless performances in such films as “Finding My Way,” “The Shining” and “Stuck With No Way Out,” among others. The actor won three Oscar Awards throughout his … Read more

Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening will be together in a movie inspired by true events

Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening will be together in a

Advance of “Jerry & Marge Go Large”, the film that will be released on June 17 on Paramount Plus. (@paramountplus) Inspired by true events, comedy Jerry & Marge Go Large tells the emotional story of a retiree, Jerry Selbee (played by the lead actor of breaking bad, Bryan Cranston), and his wife Marge (Annette Benning, … Read more

This is the photograph of Florencia Peña in front of the mirror that shows that she is the true mistress of Instagram

In a recent post Florence Pena showed part of what will be his next television program on the screen of America. In the images you can see the driver dressed in total red on a television studio staircase. The actress has uploaded to her account Instagram also other images and a video where she wears … Read more

The Staircase | The true story on which it is based on new HBO Max drama

Last Thursday, May 5, it premiered The Staircasethe new miniseries of hbo max which is inspired by one by one shocking true story and that quickly became one of the most watched on steaming. Fiction follows the life of respectable writer Michael Petersonplayed by Colin Firth, his wife Kathleen Peterson, Performed by Toni Collette and … Read more

True and surprising crimes: The best true crimes on Netflix

True and surprising crimes The best true crimes on

Platform: Netflix Year: 2020 Chapters: a single episode Duration: One hour and 23 minutes Theme: Murder / Documentary Film Recommended age: For people over 16 years old Watch The Watts Affair – The Homicidal Father on Netflix amanda knox Amanda Knox is another true crime that we can see on Netflix. The docuseries is named … Read more

‘The Staircase’: a raw HBO Max miniseries with Colin Firth and Toni Collette that fascinates with its unusual approach to true crime

1651863746 The Staircase a raw HBO Max miniseries with Colin Firth

The first thing that strikes you about ‘The Staircase’ is the rawness with which it begins. As if it wanted to emulate the style of the documentary that preceded it, the miniseries of hbo max starts with a tormented phone call and the camera sneaking into the worst night of the Peterson house. It is … Read more

The Ruse with Colin Firth: the incredible true story that changed the course of World War II

The Ruse with Colin Firth the incredible true story that

Alongside director John Madden and Ben MacIntyre, author of the book from which the film is taken, Colin Firth, Matthew MacFadyen, Jason Isaacs, Johnny Flynn, Penelope Wilton and Kelly McDonald return to the incredible true story of “La Ruse”. In the genre “Incredible but true”, the story of La Ruse clearly arises there: in 1943, … Read more

‘Wind River’: the sordid true crimes that inspired Taylor Sheridan’s harsh sub-zero thriller with Elizabeth Olsen

Wind River the sordid true crimes that inspired Taylor Sheridans

The writer of ‘Sicario’ and ‘Comanchería’ (Hell or High Water, 2017), Taylor Sheridanfirst became a director with ‘Wind River,’ an acclaimed crime thriller set on a Native American reservation that, prior to his ‘Yellostone,’ would form the third installment of his spiritual trilogy of modern westernsthis third recalling works by Corbucci and other snowy variations … Read more

These are the true crime movies on Netflix that you can not miss

These are the true crime movies on Netflix that you

There was once an advertisement for the TNT channel that said: “It happens in the movies, it happens in life, it happens on TNT”. Although it seemed only a good slogan, the truth is that it can literally be applied to many existing series or movies. Some take an isolated event and fictionalize it, others … Read more