The “Uncoupled” series, light romcom, follows the love troubles of Neil Patrick Harris in a sour New York

The Uncoupled series light romcom follows the love troubles of

Michael (Neil Patrick Harris), 50, is a real estate agent specializing in the sale of luxury apartments in New York. After 17 years together with her boyfriend, Colin, he suddenly gets dumped. “Believe me you don’t want to be gay and single in this town at our age: we’re invisible!”, throws a friend at a … Read more

Emma Thompson, a daring actress who put her body to her characters and the troubles of her life

Emma Thompson a daring actress who put her body to

Emma Thompson returns to teach. The imminent release of Good luck, Big Leo. not only shows her as a widow who decides to hire a taxi boy to expand her sexual life, but as a mature woman who ventures into a change of life. A life with desire and without asking permission. But In this … Read more

Belfast Review: Kenneth Branagh’s childhood story during The Troubles is heartbreaking but rosy – Home

Belfast Review Kenneth Branaghs childhood story during The Troubles is

Ads At first glance, the carefully framed black-and-white images of Belfastyou can see that director Kenneth Branagh has been working hard to make a masterpiece. This is a semi-autobiographical story about Branagh’s family leaving Northern Ireland for England due to civil unrest in their country. Featuring a strong cast, set against the backdrop of The … Read more