Meet the bar where Dua Lipa experienced the tremor in CDMX after her concert

On the morning of this September 22 the Mexico City experienced a new earthquake that gathered thousands of people outside houses and premises, however, there was a personality who also took to the streets and drew attention to what happened thanks to the social networkswe are talking about Dua Lipabecause the British singer was in … Read more

The story of When the tremor passes, one of the most emblematic songs of Soda Stereo

The story of When the tremor passes one of the

Gustavo Cerati and his colleagues from Soda Stereo in times of “When the tremor passes” Wednesday, March 16, 2022. The official Instagram account of Gustavo Cerati share the manuscript of “When the tremor passes” -o “The earthquake”, simply, as its author wrote on a sheet of notebook-, and the “likes” and comments of thousands of … Read more