Jiajie Yu Yan: “My greatest success will be making a film where the Chinese community treats itself with a healthy and non-judgmental look”

Jiajie Yu Yan My greatest success will be making a

As a child, Jiajie Yu Yan (Barcelona, ​​1989) participated in some commercials as a secondary character and in others as the protagonist. During one of those experiences, the world of filming and the atmosphere created during those days of whirlwind ended up seducing him. Along that path, he discovered that his thing was to tell … Read more

Paul Verhoeven: “We are in a ridiculous time with this puritanism that treats bodies as secrets”

1633241446 Paul Verhoeven We are in a ridiculous time with this

One day after the world premiere of his latest film, Benedetta, during the Cannes Film Festival and a week before turning 83, Paul Verhoeven seems strangely fatigued. The true story about the visions and miracles of the nun of the title and her sexual relationship with another sister from an Italian convent in the 17th … Read more