Molotov: ‘Remove the trap. Let reggaeton die!’, says the Mexican band harshly

Molotov Remove the trap Let reggaeton die says the

Remove the trap (reggaeton dies). Remove the trap (put rock and roll). Remove the trap (reggaeton dies). Remove the trap (Molotov is back). Thus, forceful and merciless, it is the hook to the liver that the Mexican group Molotov gave to the urban trap and reggaeton genres in its most recent premiere, which is precisely … Read more

The champion of the trap: when Ben Johnson beat Carl Lewis at the Seoul Olympics

The champion of the trap when Ben Johnson beat Carl

ben johnson was shaping up to dethrone carl lewis, the most important American sprinter at the Olympic level since the days of Jesse Owens. And on September 24, 1988, on the track of the Olympic stadium in Seoul, Johnson confirmed it and reached the top of the world: won the 100-meter dash gold medal and … Read more

Crystal trap: 34 years later, Bruce Willis returns to a legendary film location – CinéSéries

Crystal trap 34 years later Bruce Willis returns to a

Bruce Willis is an actor whose career is no longer in dispute. It was in 1988 that he caused a sensation with “Piège de cristal”, the first part of the “Die Hard” saga. 34 years later, the actor returned to the filming locations of the film. Bruce Willis: and diehard was ! crystal trap was … Read more

Duki returns to the trap with ‘Givenchy’ and unleashes the madness in networks

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Duko fans are in luck because, after a long time, has returned to the trap. The Argentine has become one of the most listened to artists in the world thanks to songs like ‘Malbec’, ‘YaMeFui’ or ‘If they want to frontear’. Now he’s put himself in ‘devil mode’ (as he says) with ‘Givenchy’. Duki became … Read more

5 PHOTOS of Cazzu, girlfriend of Christian Nodal, that show that she is the boss of Trap

in the last few months Cazzu has been part of the conversations of various media, due to his courtship with the Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodal. However, this is not the only reason why Cazzu is part of the trends, but also because of her musical career, which she continues to reap thanks to her … Read more

Mindy Kaling wears sexy black dress in new ‘thirst trap’ photo after weight loss – Reuters News in France and abroad

Mindy Kaling wears sexy black dress in new thirst trap

Mindy Kaling showed off her fabulous figure in a black dress with corset and fishnet skirt right after her Vanity Fair Oscar party appearance. Mindy Kaling continued her trend of showing off stunning looks on her Instagram and we love to see it! Office The star looked amazing in a black three-piece dress consisting of … Read more

From “Crystal Trap” to “Looper”, Bruce Willis in five films

From Crystal Trap to Looper Bruce Willis in five films

A look back at the career of the actor who put an end to four decades of cinema for health reasons at the age of 67. Bruce Willis will no longer play. His family has announced the end of his career at 67, precipitated by the aphasia which affects his speech. In the most flamboyant … Read more

Crystal trap with Bruce Willis: a Die Hard 6 still relevant?

Crystal trap with Bruce Willis a Die Hard 6 still

While Crystal Trap with Bruce Willis in the cult role of John McClane is broadcast tonight on W9, where is Die Hard 6 announced for several years? The first feature film in the Die Hard saga, Piège de Cristal (1988) is broadcast tonight on W9. Directed by John McTiernan, this action film follows John McClane … Read more

Crystal trap: why Clint Eastwood refused to play John McClane?

Crystal trap why Clint Eastwood refused to play John McClane

Absolute classic of the 80’s, “Crystal trap” is inseparable from its headliner, Bruce Willis, who was however not at all the actor envisaged. Because imagine that the role was offered to Clint Eastwood, who refused. Why ? Agency / Bestimage We hardly present John McTiernan’s Crystal Trap, which has become a classic of actioners of … Read more